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Hot pink background with an overlayed pattern of witch hats, pumpkins, bats, lightning bolts, stars, and dots. Illustrated spooky objects make letters that read 'Halloween' in the center of the image. Zombie bones make the 'H' and 'N'. Witch hat 'A', candle 'L's, moon 'O', bat 'W', and pumpkin 'E's. Two white spider webs flank black letters in a shaky font spell trick or treat.

Background Videos

Daylight Savings November 6
Veterans Day November 11
Black Friday November 25


A black background with an ai floral pattern on each side of the image. In the center reads 'Cinco de Mayo' in bold, white, sans letters. On each side of 'de' are thin, yellow, horizontal lines. The florals are in neon green, purple, pink, and orange colors.
An image of white and blue papel picado banners against a light blue sky. On the left, a solid, white triangle fills majority of that side and all of the bottom left corner. The words 'Cinco De Mayo' in dark blue, sans, round, script letters. A six pointed star in the the same blue color is above the words.
A close-up image of a pointer and middle finger palm side facing sit in the left side of the image on top of a gray background. The fingers are nurses. Drawn on the pointer finger is a face wit eyelashes and red lips. She is wearing an old fashioned, black nurses hat with a red cross in the center. Her drawn stick are holds a gray shot. The middle finger had a happy face drawn on it with black, circle glasses. It wears a gray stethoscope around its neck and is holding the end of ot in its stick arm hand. 'Happy National Nurses Week' fills the center of the image to the right of the fingers. Below in smaller letters reads 'May 6–12'. The font used is black, sans letters with a white outline.
A white background with blue line, medical crosses creating a brick pattern fills the image. A large, pink heart shape is in the center. Inside the heart says 'Thank You Nurses!' in large letters. A horizontal, white line below, and then in smaller letters reads 'Nurses Week May 6–12'. All letters are in a white, serif font.
A solid, light pink background with a darker pink circle in the center of the image. Around the circle are pink hearts, and white flower illustrations. Written inside the heart says 'HAPPY Mother's Day' in white, script letters.
A close-up image of the American flag. The words 'Happy Memorial Day' sit left aligned in the left side of the image in large, white, serif letters, with a black shadow. Below, in the same font, but smaller, reads 'For those who served & sacrificed, thank you'.
Three circles of clipart illustrations of the American flag moving in the wind, on a pole, fill the image, leaving the center blank, and on top of a solid, white background. In the center, center aligned, in red, serif letters reads 'Have a great Memorial Day'. A red horizontal line below, and then reads 'Remember & Honor'.
A solid pine green background with two silhouettes of heads facing away from each other in the bottom left corner. The left head facing left is white and has a line drawing in bright green, squiggly lines twisting together where the brain would be. The right head is mint green facing right. It's brain is drawn with a bright green line. Across the top there is the words 'Mental Health' and then a horizontal white line reaching to the right edge. Directly below is another white horizontal line, and then the words 'Awareness Month. The font used is white, bold, sans letters.
The words 'May is Mental Health Awareness Month' in green, cursive, script font with a white outline are center aligned in the center of the image. The words is the background is a pale green with dark, bright, and neon green lotus shapes along the bottom edge and right side. On either side of the words are green, butterfly wing shapes.
A solid black background with transparent, white monstera leaves around its edges. In bold, all-caps, white, sans letters are the words 'MAY IS ASIAN AMERICAN & PACIFIC ISLANDER HERITAGE MONTH' filling the center if the image.
Rounded shapes and illustrations of leaves fill the image. The shapes are light peach, light blue, and white colors. The leaves are either black, brown, green, or orange. A transparent, white, rectangle crosses the image horizontally through the center. Inside that is another, smaller, transparent, white rectangle. The words 'ASIAN AMERICAN &' in dark green 'PACIFIC ISLANDER' in light green, and 'HERITAGE MONTH' in brown are stacked in the center of the rectangles. The words are typed in all-caps, bold, sans font.
A watercolor illustration of an alligator wearing a graduation cap and sitting on top of three hardcover books. Watercolor leaves and spots surround the alligator and the top edge of the image. To the right says 'See you later graduate! Goodluck on your next adventure.' The words are written in a teal, script font.
A purple background with darker purple solid shapes and lined art on top of it. A woman and man wearing graduation gowns, smile, and through up their caps. White transparent stars, and pink and purple confetti fall around them.
A vintage, tan paper background filled with drawings of butterflies. The butterflies are in gray, pale yellow, light pink, tan, and black colors.
A vintage, off white, pink tone background. In the bottom right corner is drawing of tall, pink rain boot on a garden ground. Butterflies fly around the boots. In the boots are large bouquets of flowers. The flowers are in blue, pink, white, and yellow colors with green leaves.
A white background with watercolor drawing of different kinds of green leaves line the top and bottom edges.
A solid white background with the words 'Have a great Summer Vacation' are left aligned at on the left, center of the image. The words are in a bold, serif font at each word alternates colors. In order the colors are blue, orange, green, and hot pink. The word 'Vacation' is also in orange. An illustration of a pineapple, with stick arms and legs, holds a coconut drink with a small blue umbrella and yellow straw in it's right hand. The pineapple is smiling and wears pink, heart shaped sunglasses.
A bright green background with light green branch illustrations and round shapes. Above, across the edges, are bright yellow, whole lemons and lemon slices.
A bright yellow background with white clouds across the bottom edge of the image. Two small, white clouds float near the top edge on either side. The word 'hello' is slightly to the left in brown, cursive letters. Below says 'SUMMER' in large, white, bold, sans letters in the center of the image. By the letter 'S' a small clipart of two red flip flip flops. Below the 'U' is an vanilla ice cream bar with chocolate covering it on a stick. A watermelon slice with a face is above the 'M' and 'E'. At the end of the 'R' sits a white and yellow summer, shade umbrella with a lemon slice below. Lastly, a white and yellow beach ball is near the bottom clouds.

Animated Gifs

A gif of the words 'Cinco De Mayo' in all caps, orange, round, sans, letters center aligned filling most of the gif. Above reads 'Happy' in all caps, white, sans font on a moving, gold rectangle. Around everything are illustrations of green leaves and dots, and orange and red flower illustrations mirror each side of the image.
A purple water pitcher with a floral pattern on it shakes in the center of the gif. Inside the pitcher is a bouquet of orange daffodils with black stems and leaves. Waving across the bottom of the gif are black, cursive letters reading 'Happy mother's day!'. All on a solid white background.
A light blue background with a navy, silhouette of stethoscope creating a heart shape fills the image. Inside the heart shape the words 'CELEBRATE NURSES!' tilts side to side. In the bottom right corner reads, in small letters, 'NURSES WEEK'. All the words are in purple, sans serif letters.
A gif of the wods 'Happy Memorial Day shaking. The words are in a beige colored, script font. A hand holding a red sparkler sits at the bottom edge, and creates the 'i' in memorial. All on a solid navy background.
A woman sitting cross legged with her eyes closed meditating, and her hands facing up out on her knees. She floats up and down on top of a solid, light, dusty periwinkle background. Various, cut out shapes in different colors float behind her. Arched above everything along the top edge of the gif are the words 'Mental Health is health'. The words are written in navy, cursive letters, except for 'is'. 'Is' is in purple with a line below it. The words also change becoming bolder and back down during the gif.
A yellow speech bubble with a black outline sits in the center of the gif's bright blue background. A white line moves clockwise around the speech bubble. The speech bubble reads, in red the letters, 'AAPI', and below in blue letters 'HERITAGE MONTH'. The words shift slightly and a black drop shadow appears and disappears. Small yellow and with lines and dots appear and disappear in the words making them look more like bubbles.
A solid gray background with a white speech bubble tilting side to side. In the speech bubbles says 'CONGRATS' in maroon letters, and 'GRAD!' in gold letters. When the speech bubble tilts right three gold lines appear by its bottom right corner. When it tilts left three maroon lines appear by the top right corner.
The words 'It's Summer!' in navy, round, serif letter floats up from the waves into the center of the image. Teal sea waves flow across the bottom half of the gif. The top is filled with the sun's light orange rays moving clockwise around its coral colored center circle. At the end of the gif the circle expands and fills the entire gif.