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Hot pink background with an overlayed pattern of witch hats, pumpkins, bats, lightning bolts, stars, and dots. Illustrated spooky objects make letters that read 'Halloween' in the center of the image. Zombie bones make the 'H' and 'N'. Witch hat 'A', candle 'L's, moon 'O', bat 'W', and pumpkin 'E's. Two white spider webs flank black letters in a shaky font spell trick or treat.

Background Videos

Daylight Savings November 6
Veterans Day November 11
Black Friday November 25


A light purple background with gold circles scattered around. A clipart of four people holding up puzzle pieces are in the bottom left corner. From left to right, a woman stands wearing a pink top, black pants, and gold hair. then a woman stands on top of stool holding the puzzle in black heels, power suit, and hair. A person crouches at the bottom right of the puzzle pieces wears green pants, purple shirt, and gold hair. Lastly a woman stands and holds the puzzle pieces, wears a green top, black shirt and heels, wither her hair tied with a gold string. 'Employee Appreciation Day' reads at the top of the image. 'Thank you for your hard work & dedication.' reads the the right of the people. The words are in dark purple, sans letters.
A orange background with transparent light orange, gold circles overlap each other and fill the image. The words 'Employee Appreciation Day We're grateful for all you do! March 1st' reads in navy letters with a thin, white outline in the center. 'We're grateful for all you do!' sits in a transparent gold rectangle.
A blue gray background is filled with an illustration of a women coming from the right side of the image. She is smelling small, pink flowers that she is holding in her left hand. She wears a long sleeved, blue dress with flowers all over it in many colors. Her long white hair flows behind her, and off the edge of the image. It has little, blue flowers in it and she wears a flower crown on top of her head. 'International Womens Day March 3rd' in round, white, cursive letters' sits in the bottom left corner.
'This Sunday 03/10 Spring Forward 1 hour Daylight Savings' reads in white, round, sans letters in the right side of the image. An outline of a clock face in white is left of the words. Alternating blue and navy circles radially fill the page background; coming from the clock.
A solid blue background with an illustration if a man wearing a black suit with a white shirt and red tie, sits and leans against a large, gray, circle clock with a white face. In black, script letters reads 'Sunday March 10th' at the top right. Below reads' Daylight Savings Move forward 1 hour' are in black, bold, sans letters.
A light, pastel green background with watercolor, four leaf clovers, two in each top left and bottom right corner. In cursive, script, green letters reads 'Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day March 17th' between the clovers.
Horizontal green lines alternating thick to thin fill the image. The center of the lines are a lighter green and the edges are more saturated. The bottom left corner has three four leaf clovers in dark green.
Watercolor blue fills the background with a drawing of dark magenta flowers in the bottom left corner. 'Happy First Day of Spring 03/19' reads center aligned to the right side in dark magenta, cursive letters.
A white image with a botanical border of green leaves and a gold line rectangle. In the frame reads 'First Day of Spring March 19th' in gold, cursive letters.
An image of blue watercolor in paper creates the image's background. 'Happy National Doctors Day March 30' reads in the center of the image in white, cursive letters.
An illustration of a doctor wearing a white coat, brown pants, glasses, a medical face mask, and orange hair, jumps with their arms raised on the left side of the image. 'Happy National Doctors' Day March 30th' is typed to the right. The words are in a brown, rounded, serif letters.
A coral pink background with a pattern of small, pink, line art easter eggs fills the image. A white silhouette of a bunny with the words 'Happy Easter' below are in the center. 'Happy is in white, script letters, and 'Easter' is in all-caps, white, bold, sans letters.
On the left a clip art white bunny carries a large pink, yellow, white, and teal easter egg on a teal background. On the right says 'Happy Easter' in round, sans, bubble letters.
Ai illustration of women's faces crowded together in bright colors. Such as oranges, blues, yellows, and greens. Half the image is filled with an orange circle covering the left side. In the circle reads 'March is Womens History Month' in navy, all caps, sans letters with a faint white shadow.
Silhouettes if women's torsos and heads overlapping each other across the bottom edge to the image and filling the center. The silhouettes are different colors, such as gray, orange, pink, teal, and blues. A light pink background with the words 'Womens history month' in maroon, sans letters at the top center of the image.
A light gray background. In the bottom, right corner is a watercolor illustration of a little white lamb with, big round eyes, and rosey cheeks.
An illustration of a spring landscape. Green grass with little white flowers. Larger pink flowers come from the bottom left corner. Large, green bushes fill the midground. The sky is light blue and is filled with a large, puffy, white cloud.
A solid, light, gray blue background with illustrations if red mushrooms with white stems and dots. The mushrooms create a pattern that fills the entire image.
An image of red waves with a solid white cross in the center. 'Red Cross Month' in bold, white, sans letters sits below the cross.
'Red Cross Month' in large sans letters are stacked on the left, center of the image. Below in smaller letters reads 'Turning Compassion Into Action' in one line. To the right an image of a hand comes from the bottom edge. The hand is holding a clipart heart that has a gray outline, red interior shadow, and a red cross in the middle. The heart fills the right side of the image.
An illustration of a white brick wall with a girl floating and reading a book in the right side. She wears an orange skirt, a seafoam green, long sleeved shirt, no shoes, and has flowing navy hair. The book is open, and a ray of a blue night sky with a yellow crescent moon beam up from it to the top right corner. To the left of the girl reads 'March National Reading Month' in navy, serif letters.
A collaged image of a book sitting on an wood table against a yellow wall. A brown mug sits to the left and a fountain pen to the right. The book is open showing a grass field. A large gray dog with a red collar looking at something behind it is standing on the left page. On the right page, a little girl, with her back towards the viewer, is walking down a path revealing the books words through the grass. She wears a patterned dress, red shoes, and is holding a red umbrella. A light post is ahead of her. A rainbow hot air balloon flies to the top the right corner. The top center of the image reads 'National Reading Month'. Below in smaller words says 'Books are doors to amazing worlds'. The words are in black, all-caps, sans letters with a hand written quality to them. The words shadow illuminates them in the image.
A solid, light blue background with an transparent illustration of a basketball splashing into water in the right side.
An image of a purple, pale yellow, and orange colors swirling together. Three transparent, white, clip art, basketballs are faintly over the swirl image. In all-caps, white, blod, slab, sans, letters read 'March Madness' across the bottom.

Animated Gifs

A bright pink gif with the words 'thank you for all you do!' in white, cursive letters reads slanted in the center. Above the 't' is a person moving side to side in jeans, a orange shirt, and pink tie. The left corner is a person walking carrying a briefcase in teal pants and a blue jacket. In the right corner is a person typing on a laptop wearing jeans, a orange top, and green tie.
Light pink background with the words 'today is' in all-caps, sans, black letters top and center. Below, bigger words in hot pink and in the same font read 'International women's day!'. 'Women's' is in a hot pink box and the letters are light pink. Geometric silhouettes or women in different occupations pop in to the image across the sides and bottom. They are light blue, no faces, and wearing clothes in hot pink and purple.
A dark green background. The words 'Spring' and 'Forward' spin and flip on top and below each other in the center of the screen. 'Spring is lin light green' and 'Forward' is in a bright green color.
A gif of different shades of green, four leaf clover shapes come from the center of the gif and eventually fill the entire area with one color before the next clover comes. In the center always reads 'Happy St. Patty's Day' in all-caps, white, sans letters.
A bright orange background with a circle in the middle. The circle is a pink sky with green grass, a yellow and orange snail happily moves across one side the the other. Flowers spring up behind the snail as it goes. 'Happy' reads at the top of the circle, and 'Spring!' reads below. The words are in bold white letters.
A gif of four five people paint a large white egg on a teal background. On the left, a man stands on a latter in a pink shirt paints horizontal blue lines on the top of the egg. Sitting below the ladder, a woman wearing paints pink flower petals on the bottom of the egg. On the right side a woman in green sits in a wheelchair and paints the letter 'R' in blue. Behind the wheelchair is a man holding up a child. The child paints the top of the egg. The egg says 'Happy Easter' in blue letters. Two blue horizontal lines sit above and below the words. Above and below the lines are a horizontal row if pink petal and yellow centered flowers.