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White Background Animated graphic of "Black History" written in black text rising up the screen with fists punching up

Background Videos

Daylight Savings November 6
Black Friday November 25
Veterans Day November 11
Thanksgiving Day November 24


illustrated drawn colorful images of a lollipop, ice cream sundae, ice cream cone, hard candies, popsicle stick. National Snack Day March 4th written across the bottom if the screen in handwritten font.
Thank you is spelt out in multiple different languages creating a wordle There is a hand on the bottom right of the graphic holding a black pen.
colorful muted Abstract Geometric pattern creating a diamond surrounding the edges of the background. Employee Appreciation Day is spelt out in the middle of the graphic in black text
Blue background with "Happy Employee Appreciation Day everyone!' spelled out across the graphic
Black Background with drawn colored illustrations. Graphic says Employee Appreciation Day Thanks for all you do! We appreciate your hard work.
Clock on the left side of the screen and the right side of the graphics says Spring Forward. Remember to set clocks 1 hour ahead this Saturday.
Clock on the left side of the screen with a pink flower. On the right side of the graphic it says Spring Forward.
Green clock on the left side of the screen. On the right side of the graphic it says, "Don't Forget to Spring Forward Remember to set your clocks AHEAD 1 hour Saturday night."
3 photos overlayed with each other. Creating a grungy Basketball Bracket
Angled photo of a basketball hoop from behind. Dark lit up arena. March Madness written in a white thick serif font
Wooded background with lighter toned wooden block spelling out Happy St Patrick's Day. Seven cut out paper shamrock aligning the left and top of the graphic with buttons in the middle of the shamrock
Green Gradient background with a large shamrock extended off the screen. Happy St Patrick's Day spelt out in the bottom right corner of the graphic
Black background with a neon looking shamrock in the middle of the screen. Happy St Patrick's Day written out in a green cursive white font with a neon green outer glow.
Photo of pink tulip with a transparent pink rectangle overlayed on the bottom middle of the graphic with white text in it reading "It's the First Day of Spring!"
Photo of yellow and purple daisy flowers with a purple rectangle in the middle of the graphic reading "First Day of Spring!"
10 Light Pink tulips laying across a cream colored wooden deck. Hello Spring" is spelt out above the tulips in a salmon colored font
silhouette of a man throwing young daughter in the air with a sunset in the background
illustrated mother and son walking holding hands. "Single Parents' Day 2023 Tuesday March 21st a day to celebrate #SingleParentStrength" written on the right side of the screen
Grid background with squiggly purple circle interlaced with a a black puppy and text that says National Puppy Day 23 March
12 different types of illustrated dogs with yellow paw prints spreading across the image
black brick background with a neon sign spelling out "World Theater Day March 27"
White Background with light blue and navy font displaying National Doctors Day March 30th
light blue background with white font displaying National Doctors Day March 30th
different tints of blue circles moving inward toward the center of the graphic Happy National Doctors Day
Photo of 4 doctors standing in a staggered line and gradually fading out. 'Happy National Doctors' Day March 30th' spelled out and across the middle of the screen
Doctor cut off toward the left side of the graphic with a stethoscope in their hand. Their arms are crossed. National Doctors Day March 30th spelled out on the right side of the graphic with a blurred background.
stethoscope and ipad with the red cross on the screen. "Red cross month" spelt out in bold serif black and red lettering
American Red Cross written out on the top of the screen with a red block under saying, "March is Red Cross Month Together, we can save a life"
American Red Cross month spelt out with a cross on the left side of the graphic. the horizontal cross is extending across the graphic.
Colorful illustrated graphic of 4 hands reaching up holding books and surrounded by books
illustrated books open and closed in the background. Purple Text reading "March is Reading Month"

Animated Gifs

animated Bluish purple background with 2 illustrated people dressed in fancy clothes celebrating. "You never miss a beat! You rock!" is spelt out in a white cursive font
Purple to pink gradient background with teal and blue test spelling out Spring forward.
Black background graphic with a basketball net on the bottom half looking up. "Welcome to March" pops in across the top of the graphic.
Happy St Patricks Day written out. Some shamrocks playing a violin, 2 jumping around in a circle, another clapping, and another one playing a drum.