Many clients asked for an easy way to schedule presentations that happen more than once and at specific times without scheduling each presentation individually. Recurring Schedules was developed to fill this scheduling need. Recurring Schedules compliments the already easy to use presentation schedules in Arreya. 

Getting Started: Set Up Your Recurring Schedules

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Step and Repeat. Setting up complex, recurring schedules can be confusing when dealing with multiple presentations. Variations in schedules from time and length poses a problem for digital signage presentations. Many clients asked for Arreya developers to expand our presentations scheduling tool to include the precise ability to repeat presentations at specific times and different variables. We have taken our time during development of this feature to make it as easy as possible for users to set up these schedules. Arreya developers are continuing development on recurring schedules adding a Time Zone feature and other changes that clients have recommended.

With the new feature you will see some new options in the dialog box when you go to the Schedules section of your Arreya dashboard and create a new schedule, or edit an existing one. The presentation selection drop down box, and start/end time remain the same. At the bottom of the dialog box, there is a checkbox for “Repeat every…” and checking that box will allow the schedule to repeat. In this example, we want to set up a “daytime” presentation that runs throughout the work day, 8AM to 5 PM, and turns the schedule off after hours. 

After clicking the “ + New Schedule” button the Schedules section of the Arreya dashboard, we can begin to setup our recurring schedule. First, we choose the presentation to be scheduled in the presentation field of the form. We will set the start and end time to 8:00 AM, and 5:00 PM on the same day. After checking the “Repeat” checkbox, we can enter “1” and select “Day” for the interval.

The expiration date chooses when you want to end the repeating schedule, we will set it to recur for a year in this example. After clicking Create, we can now see the schedule in our calendar.

Editing: Your Existing Arreya Schedule

Arreya schedule

If we ever want to come back and change an existing schedule, editing the schedule is done the same way as before. Let’s say we want to have the schedule run until 5:30 PM each day.

We can click on the schedule in the calendar view, or click edit next to the schedule on the right hand side of the screen. Recurring schedules displays an icon to indicate they are set to repeat.

Change repeat digital schedules






Now you can change your end time to 5:30 PM on the same day, and click Update to save the schedule. 

digital signage content repeat

and your calendar will show the updated end time.

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Leveraging Recurring Schedules: Micro-manage Your Digital Signage

Recurring schedules can be used in pretty much every situation where you use digital signage. For example in schools or businesses, you can change all of your screens to display the cafeteria menu from 11 AM to 1 PM daily. Or use the “week” interval in the recurring schedule, you can set the schedule to run during the weekdays and not during the weekends. The recurring schedule option is just another feature to make Arreya as flexible as possible and suit your digital signage needs.  The new feature saves time in setting up your digital signage and pinpoints content to specific timeframes and audiences. 

Learn more about using Recurring Schedules at the following knowledge base link on