I admittedly struggled to come up with a decent topic for my debut piece on the Arreya Blog. After some brief research, I concluded that content creators writing articles on Modern Chrome Digital Signage Benefits could muster no more than a bunch of listed, generic talking points with uncited statistics and one-sentence explanations of why it’s the Best-Thing-Ever™. 

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Rather than adding to the pile, I decided to write something a bit more focused. This article dives into what are the core benefits of digital signage: affordability, customizability, and engagement. I explore how each of these elements make Chrome Digital Signage such an attractive alternative to traditional signage and marketing.

Affordability – Show Me the Money

Let’s be honest: if digital signage didn’t have a cost-based justification for existing, we wouldn’t even be talking about it. Chrome Digital Signage really is affordable, believe it or not! The common misconception is that digital signage is a luxury product exclusively, because the initial cost is much higher for devices, displays, connection, etc.

In the vast majority of cases, the longevity of digital signage makes it far more cost effective than traditional print signage for elements of advertising. This is especially true when a brand evolves their style, logo, marketing materials, tone or culture, etc. With print signage, new materials have to be commissioned each time changes occur. This process is both more expensive over the long term, and also takes more time. 

Modern Chrome digital signage, on the other hand, can require little more than having your in-house designers update graphics, slideshows, and kiosks to reflect those changes to your brand. No designers or printers required! It’s also very time-efficient; no waiting for printers. 

Saving Money with Multiple Location Digital Signage

For large companies, like McDonalds and other food restaurants that use printed paper pricing menus, digital signage for retail menus is the most cost effective way to update pricing. Remote access to all digital signage within the company allows for instant updates to all locations with reliable consistency across the company.

An unfortunately common tactic in the digital signage market is to make the software readily accessible, but then tie that software to a player or box that has a huge price markup attached to it. While very lucrative, this strategy burdens consumers with limited, low quality tech that they pay a premium for, in order to get the service they need. Our goal with Arreya has been to buck this trend or flip it upside down; we provide a layered subscription service that puts all of the control in the hands of our clients. The consumer decides which services are best suited for their needs and how that fits within their budget. Not based on proprietary hardware.

When we first started shopping for a digital signage solution, there were many competitors to consider. Our top 3 needs were: 1) a system that works efficiently and reliably, 2) something that wouldn’t break the bank, 3) reliable support. Arreya has fulfilled all 3 of these needs and more. Our concept is unique and if there was ever a roadblock or challenge that we faced because of our unique operations, the development team was super helpful and quick to find a solution.  Robyn – HOTWORX

Customizability – Insert Slideshow Here

The freedom to customize your signage and iterate on design ideas provides endless possibilities for marketing and advertising. This kind of access allows for short term direct testing of marketing ideas. Also, it provides a platform for ideas considered too experimental to commit to some traditional print signage materials.

Another great element of customizability is managing content that is time-sensitive. This can include anything from live-updating weather feeds to news alerts, to small promotions that might last only a day or less! And of course, having the flexibility to put out content instantaneously is a massive advantage for advertising in a modern, fast-paced world.

Speaking of weather feeds and news alerts, the digital medium allows digital signage to access all sorts of customizable tools, and in many cases like the aforementioned web apps. Providing diverse streams of real-time information can create value and help capture attention.

At Arreya, we take customizability even further with the digital donor wall, which is a very popular offering for hospitals and non-profit organizations. The idea is to provide a physical display that is designed to the specifications of the client, and incorporates digital signage into the physical element of the donor wall. This duality adds new dimensions to the act of recognizing and interacting with a symbol of commemoration and appreciation of contributors. It also encourages engagement, which is a great segway!

digital donor wall college

We are currently working on our third donor wall with Arreya and they’ve been amazing! From drawings of ideas, to the build, trying to match stain that doesn’t exist anymore to the install and after the wall is up and running. Any time I’ve had a question they’ve been right there with help and an answer. Highly recommend! Melody, Central College

Engagement – Do I Have Your Attention

There’s no doubt that engagement is incredibly important for companies and schools when attempting to connect to customers, students and parents, new and existing alike. Modern Chrome digital signage provide benefits and a new dimension in consumer engagement by being able to run targeted advertising and consumer focused messaging in-store, and can engage with customers on a direct level by location. 

A Great Example of Modern Digital Signage

Your big box retailer has displays stationed around the entrances. If their weather app is saying it’s going to rain (or already raining), push a one-panel slide that advertises for raincoats and umbrellas and add it to the display rotation. Consumers coming in who might not originally be thinking about getting those items now have a practical inclination to do so based on the interactivity you’ve created.

As I mentioned at the end of the previous section: digital donor walls create value through engagement. The objective is to memorialize the people who have engaged in charitable donations in the course of benefiting the institution honoring them. This is a great way to provide a digital directory or kiosk to engage people and interest them in those who helped that institution in time and funding!

Speaking of kiosks, they are another excellent way to drive engagement in a whole host of institutions. Digital signage kiosks can provide useful services like maps for wayfinding, directories for various companies in large buildings or various offices or doctors in hospitals and clinics, and more. We have quite a few clients who use Arreya for these kinds of features and services.

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Bringing It Together – Modern Chrome Digital Signage

So, there you have it. The three major benefits of digital signage that I mentioned in this article, affordability, customizability, and engagement, all contribute significant cost savings and in generating value for any organization. Chrome digital signage allows new freedoms in the marketing and advertising design process, and connecting with consumers in new and creative ways with down to the minute information. If you find any of these elements appealing, I highly recommend further exploring digital signage solutions.