How much can I store in my Media Library?

Currently there is no limit to how much total data can be stored in the Media Library for your Arreya Channel.  While there isn’t a limit on the total, there is a 2GB limit on the individual items uploaded to the Library.

Can I use Arreya on android devices?

Can I use Arreya on android devices?

Yes. The Arreya device application is available for Android devices and can be found in the Google Play store by searching for Arreya or clicking here.



At this time, we only support Android devices running Android 7.0 (Nougat) or newer.

How can I request training?

Get in touch with us, we make it easy for you.  Either give us a call at (319)294-6671 or email us at


If you are wanting a few more resources to do it yourself, feel free to check out our YouTube channel here.  We would recommend watching our Getting Started playlist and then getting more in depth with our Arreya Tutorials playlist.  Both contain lots of great tips and tricks for you to use.

Will prices change over time?

Arreya has worked hard to establish a subscription cost and maintain that cost for our clients, but we reserve the right to change pricing if increases are warranted.

What browsers are supported?

Arreya will work with a variety of browsers to display your content.  We strongly recommend using the Google Chrome browser for best results.  You can use Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari as well.  No matter what browser you use, make sure that you have the newest version of your browser for best results.