How to edit PWA settings for your channel

How to edit PWA settings for your channel


Progressive Web Application Settings in Arreya Digital Signage



  1. Log into your Arreya Channel
  2. Click on your channel name in the upper right
  3. Click on Create & Manage Channels
  4. Click on Settings and go to the App Settings tab
  5. Here, you can adjust the following options to customize the PWA for your channel
    1. The Title field will change the title that displays with the PWA icon
    2. The Description field will populate the description for the PWA
    3. An icon file can be uploaded in the Icon file picker. If an icon file is not uploaded, the Arreya logo will be used by default
    4. The Brand Color field will specify the site wide theme color to be used on the PWA. This may change the address bar, and other UI elements depending on the platform the PWA is installed on.
  6. Click Ok to save your changes and update the PWA settings.

Link Sharing your Private Channel

Link Sharing your Private Arreya Channel


  1. Log into your Arreya Channel
  2. Click on your channel name in the upper right
  3. Click on Create & Manage Channels
  4. Make sure your channel is set to Private
  5. Click on Settings and go to the Sharing tab
  6. Check the box labeled Link Sharing
  7. Copy and Paste the URL that appears in box

That is what you will need to give out to the people who you want to show your signage to.

Platform Compatibility Notes



A core goal of Arreya’s development team is to stay informed and constantly test the newest hardware and software that manufacturers have to offer. Through our extensive testing, we have found that Chrome OS devices provide the best experience for device setup, deployment and content delivery with Arreya. 

Another benefit of Chrome OS devices with Chrome Enterprise Management is the ability to remotely manage the devices through the Google Admin console. Chrome Enterprise Management allows users to remotely configure networks, reboot the device, fetch logs, take a screenshot, and many more features that help with troubleshooting and deployment. 

Arreya tries to remain platform agnostic while taking advantage of new browser features, and retaining backwards compatibility where possible. From user reports and previous testing, we have identified requirements and known issues for other common hardware choices. This information is subject to change and cannot be guaranteed to work for every situation.



  • Minimum version requirement: Android 7.1 (Nougat)
  • Android is an open source operating system and can be compiled with core features missing. Low-end Android media players frequently are shipped with Android builds missing drivers, hardware acceleration issues and missing video codecs.


Samsung Smart TV (TIZEN OS)

  • Minimum Samsung OS version: Tizen 3.0. Came in 2017 models, older models may be able to be updated
  • Older versions of Tizen are missing core browser features 


General Smart TV/Mobile browser limitations (LG WebOS, etc.)

  • Limited memory and storage space could cause content failure and crashes
  • Concurrent video playback may be limited on any smart TV due to decoding hardware and software
  • Only fonts embedded in the TV will be used, other fonts may fail to display


Linux (RaspberryPi, Ubuntu, etc.)

  • Linux/Unix is a family of open source operating systems. Each version and build can be compiled with core features missing and frequently are missing required video decoders and codecs.
  • Additional package installation, configuration and testing will be required in every scenario


Typical browser compatibility issues

Below is a list of browser features commonly missing from older, incompatible browsers. Arreya uses these features and requires them in order to properly run. 


How much can I store in my Media Library?

Currently there is no limit to how much total data can be stored in the Media Library for your Arreya Channel.  While there isn’t a limit on the total, there is a 2GB limit on the individual items uploaded to the Library.

Can I use Arreya on android devices?

Can I use Arreya on android devices?

Yes. The Arreya device application is available for Android devices and can be found in the Google Play store by searching for Arreya or clicking here.



At this time, we only support Android devices running Android 7.0 (Nougat) or newer.