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Hot pink background with an overlayed pattern of witch hats, pumpkins, bats, lightning bolts, stars, and dots. Illustrated spooky objects make letters that read 'Halloween' in the center of the image. Zombie bones make the 'H' and 'N'. Witch hat 'A', candle 'L's, moon 'O', bat 'W', and pumpkin 'E's. Two white spider webs flank black letters in a shaky font spell trick or treat.

Background Videos

Daylight Savings November 6
Veterans Day November 11
Black Friday November 25


A background of different types of illustrated yellow cheese blocks. An ai image of a young boy, with gold hair, wearing a white chefs outfit and brown shoes is on the left side of the image. The little chef holds a large block of cheese that is almost the same size as him. The cheese is bright gold yellow with holes on it. To the right reads 'National Cheese Day June 4' in bold, red cursive, script letters.
A close up, ai image of bright yellow cheese melting and dripping. The words 'National Cheese Day June 4' are on top in the center of the image. The words are bold, white, with a thick, brown outline, round, sans serif font.
An ai image of falling donuts from the assumed sky on a teal colored background and ground. The donuts are covered in either brown, white, or pink frosting; all with rainbow sprinkles.
An ai illustration of fifteenth donuts with various colors of frosting fill the image on top of a light, pale blue background. The frosting colors are shades of pink, orange, yellow, blue, and green. Small and large, round, rainbow sprinkles fall between the donuts. Stacked in the center of the image, reads 'National Donut Day 06/07' in bold, sans, orange letters with a thick white outline.
A solid, navy background with a large red heart shape with a white outline in the center of the image. In bold, all-caps, white, sans letters says 'World Blood Donors Day' filling the heart. On the top right edge of the heart is a solid white teardrop shape. In the drop reads 'JUNE 14' in the same font as the other words, but red in color.
An image of red and white smoke on a dark background. A white line crosses horizontally through the center of the image, and fades gradually to the top and bottom edges. In the center reads 'June 14th is World Blood Donors Day Donate & Save a Life' in red, serif letters. The words 'World Blood Donors Day' are bolder than the rest of the words.
A light, black and white image of many American flags on flagpoles. Along the bottom of the image are red and white stripes crossing each other. Above reads 'Happy' tilted above 'FLAG DAY' with a horizontal red line below it. Below the line says 'June 14'. The words happy and flag are blue, and the words flag and June 14 are red. All are in the same bold, sans font outlined in white.
An photo of the American flag waving on the wind on a flagpole against a tan sky. To the right of the flag reads 'HAPPY' in small, blue, sans letters. 'FLAG DAY' in bold, blue, serif letters outlined in white, and a red drop shadow. Below, between two thin, red horizontal lines reads 'JUNE 14TH' in blue, sans letter outlined in white.
A solid beige background with an illustration of a man holding a coffee cup and a young boy holding a fork. Both are smiling at eachother. The man is wearing a black tux, and the boy wears a gray one. On the right says 'June 16' with a horizontal white line below it, and then 'Happy Father's Day!' below the line. The words are in a white, serif font.
A digital illustration of a landscape with three trees, and a large sun setting in the background. There is a tan path that a man wearing white sneakers, jeans, and a blue t-shirt, walks and is holding the hand of a little girl in a blue dress. The words 'Happy Father's Day' is written in white script letters, outlined in brown, to the right of the people.
A gold background with green and black wide, squiggly lines creating a radius around a red heart. In the center of the image reads 'JUNETEENTH' in large, bold letters. Smaller below reads 'JUNE 19'. The letters are in a bold, sans serif font, white, and outlined in black.
A solid light gray background, with circles overlapping creating a geometric pattern across the top and bottom edges. The shapes created by the circles are in yellow, black, green, and red colors. In the middle of the image says 'Honoring' in green, 'Juneteenth' in black, and 'Freedom Day | 06.19' in red. Juneteenth is bold, while the other words are regular width. All the letters are in the same sans serif font, and left aligned.
A digital image made out of circles. The left side is black. Filling the right side are three circles stacked on top of eachother. The largest, and on the bottom is dark green. Nest a gold circle. Lastly, and smallest, a red circle in the top right corner.
A light green background with water color illustrations of tropical leaves fill the edges. In the center of the image is a white circle framed by ore tropical leaves, and a gold outline. In the circle reads 'The Summer Solstice June 20th' in dark green, script letters.
A solid, dusty, light blue background with three white clipart clouds. A yellow sun with small triangle rays has a large geometric happy face in the top left corner. On the left, and filling the rest of the image, reads 'June 20th is the Longest Day of the Year.' The words are in white, sans, bold letters with a orange outline.
In the center of the image is a solid purple circle. Outlining it are four other circles of different colors. Right next to the purple circle is the color blue, then green, then yellow, and then orange. All on a red background.
A tan background with an ai illustration on the left side. The illustration is of a group of people with their backs facing. A rainbow is coming out of the center of the group and off to the left edge. The words 'Have a great' in purple letters, below the word 'Pride' in a pink to gold gradient, and on the bottom 'Month' in a indigo to blue gradient are on the right side. The words are all-caps, a sans serif font, and outlined in a thin, white line. Other thin, white lines in the shape of each letter is in the center of each letter.
An ai image of rainbow paint in the shape of a feather close up is overlaid with a transparent white color. The Words 'June is Pride Month' is outlined in white and has a drop shadow. The letters are bold, and in a serif font. They cut out the white overlay below, and reveal the bright rainbow colors with in each letter.
A close up image of clean pool water reflecting the sun. Filling the center of the image is the words 'Summer' in bold, black, serif letters, and 'VACATION' in bold sans letters. Both words are outlined in white. Vacation is not filled with a color, instead is is transparent and you can see the pool image. Seven rectangles creating arches sits below the words and another seven above the words. The rectangles match the style of the word 'vacation'.
A digital illustration of a birds eye view of a blue pool. A blue and white striped beach ball floats in at the bottom of the image slightly to the left. In the top right floats a blue, inflatable inner tube. White flowers float in the water, and green leaves edge the image.
A off white background with line art bees framing all the edges. The bees are drawn on black lines, have dashed line looping behind them, and three gold stripes on the bodies.
An image of bright gold yellow background with drops of liquid scattered all over it. A close up image of half of a lemon slice is along the top right edge.

Animated Gifs

A gif with a solid, light pink background. An illustration of a black, rectangle pan filled with melted, pale yellow cheese is above a red heart. The cheese flows out of the pan and covers the heart.
A gif of the words 'DONUT DAY O' moving up and down like a wave. The words are light pink, all-caps, sans font and look like they are made out of donuts. The last 'O' has a small smiley face drawn on the top edge of it. All on a light, pale yellow background.
Seven lines of small American flags diagonally fill the gif. The flags sway in the wind and are on a solid blue background.
A gif of the words 'BlOOD DONORS SAVE LIVES' in white handwritten letters float around. The background is hot pink with a large dark pink shape moving up the right side, and a small bright pink circle moving down the left side.
A gif on a white envelope opening and a pale yellow paper comes out of it reading in black 'Happy Fathers Day!' with a heart drawn below it. Six black lines appear across the top of the open envelope. All on a bright, cyan, blue background.
A gif of red and green star shapes outlined in with and black letters and making a pattern, expand into three horizontal rectangles. The top rectangle is red, the middle black, and the bottom green. In the middle, on the black, are white letters in a bold, serif, block, font reading 'Juneteenth' in all-caps.
An illustrated gif of the blue sky and the tops of green trees along the bottom edge. The trees sway left to right. A clip art sun with gold rays turning clockwise around its orange center circle. The sun has a happy, smiling face drawn on it. Its eyes blink from time to time. The words 'Happy Solstice' drop into the gif and land below the sun. The words are in orange, bold, sans, all-caps letters.
A gif with a woman holding a rainbow over her head zooms out showing three other individuals holding rainbow flags. The people are wearing clothes in the combination of black, yellow, and gray colors. Above the people are the words 'Let's celebrate Pride Month' in thin, black, sans letters. The word 'Together' appears in bold, yellow letters. Small bursts of rainbow fireworks appear below the words. All in a solid while background.