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Hot pink background with an overlayed pattern of witch hats, pumpkins, bats, lightning bolts, stars, and dots. Illustrated spooky objects make letters that read 'Halloween' in the center of the image. Zombie bones make the 'H' and 'N'. Witch hat 'A', candle 'L's, moon 'O', bat 'W', and pumpkin 'E's. Two white spider webs flank black letters in a shaky font spell trick or treat.

Background Videos

Daylight Savings November 6
Veterans Day November 11
Black Friday November 25


The orange background with a gold triangle crossing through the center horizontally. In the bottom left corner are the words 'July 1st is' in small letters in a navy rectangle. Below, in large letters, read 'National Postal Worker Day'. The font used is a white, typewriter serif. On the right is an illustration of a postal worker wearing a blue uniform with a red tie, brown shoes, and a blue hat. They are riding a red bike and are holding up an envelope in their right hand. A brown bag is over their left shoulder filled with mail and is blowing behind them. A gray good wearing a blue hat is flying in front of the postal worker holding an envelope in its feet.
A light blue background with a drawing of a white envelope with a black outline on the right bottom side. The envelope is open and red, bright blue, and dark blue hearts are coming out of it. To the left says 'Happy National Postal Worker Day' in large letters. Below, smaller, reads 'Thank you for hard work and dedication to deliver our mail.' The words are in a black, sans, handwritten font.
A blue background covered in five pointed stars of various sizes. In the center a pointed edge circle filled with red and white stripes. The words 'Happy Fourth of July!' are in the center. The font used is bold, white, script letters with a thick blue outline.
A photo of a person parachuting in the sky with a large American Flag flowing behind and below them. A small airplane flies away by the bottom right corner of the flag. The sky is mostly a large, fluffy white cloud, with a sliver of bright blue sky showing at the top. On the right the words 'July 4th' are in in navy, bold, sans, all-caps letters with a thick white outline. Below, in a red rectangle, reads 'INDEPENDENCE DAY' in smaller, white, sans letters.
An close up ai image of white and brown round, chocolate pieces that are sitting in the indents of a chocolate bar. A brown, horizontal rectangle crosses the bottom edge. In the center of the rectangle reads 'World Chocolate Day | July 7th' in white, bold, serif letters.
An close-up, ai image of chocolate balls drizzled in chocolate syrup, and lined up in rows. In the center reads 'Happy World Chocolate day' in white, cursive, script letters. A circle outline surrounds the words. Small, at the bottom of the circle, in the same font as the other words, reads 'July 7th'.
A pale yellow background with an illustration of a hot dog walking to the left in red is on the left side of the image. In the bottom right corner reads 'JUL 17' in small, thin, gold, sans letters. Below 'NATIONAL' in gold, HOT DOG' in red, and 'DAY' in gold. The Words are in large, bold, round serif letters.
A solid, bright red background with a thin, white outline rectangle border inset in the image. The bottom left corner reads 'WEDNESDAY' and bottom right reads 'JULY SEVENTEENTH' in small, white, bold, all-caps, sans letters. A photo of a Chicago style hot dog is in the bottom center of the image. Above and behind the hot dog says 'NATIONAL HOT DOG DAY' in the same white letters, just large and bold.
A solid white background with illustrations of ice cream cups, ice cream on a stick, ice cream cones, and candy filling all the edges, but leaving the center empty. The treats are in pink, orange, teal, and purple colors.
A solid black background with the words 'National Ice Cream Day' in large, bold, white, all-caps, sans letters stacked offset in the center of the image. Above the word 'day' is a dark pink square with rounded corners. In the rectangle, in the same white letters reads 'JULY 21'. The words are surrounded with falling ice cream cones.
A pale pink background with a large clipart image of an ice cream cone on the left side. The waffle cone is in in shades of gold. Three various shades of pink ice cream are scooped on top of the cone. The words 'national ice cream day' are in dark pink, round, lower case, sans letters at the bottom left of the image.
A solid, dark green background with an illustration of a orange hand holding a light blue watering can pouring water onto an orange brain. White and blue flowers with green leaves surround the brain. The words 'Happy National Intern Day' are on the left side in white. They are written in a round, geometric, sans font.
The words 'Happy National Intern Day' sit on the left center of the image in bold, black, sans letters. Below reads 'Thank you for choosing us to be par of your career journey.' in small, off-white letters, and in a teal rectangle. To the right is and illustration of four people standing or walking. Fist is a person holding a laptop, wearing a purple sweatshirt,and red pants. Then a woman wearing a hijab, a long sleeve button up, and teal pants. Next a lady wearing a gray suit is walking. Lastly a man wearing blue pants, a white shirt, is walking and holding a laptop in one arm and his phone in the other. The background of the image is peach on the right side, and off-white on the left. The off-white and peach meet in the center in a pointed shape.
On the bottom left is a short, white rectangle with the words 'HAPPY INTERN DAY!' in bold, blue letters. Above that is a light blue rectangle with an illustration of a crowd of peoples' silhouettes facing forward. The people are drawn in color blocks of white, pink, and various shades of blue. The right side is a dark blue rectangle with the message 'We are celebrating our wonderfully talented interns, and we look forward to watching these fantastic individuals grow.' The message is written in small, white letters. The font used for all the words is a bold, sans font.
A green background with an illustration of a large brown bear sitting with its front paws touching its back paws, and smiling. Sitting in the large bears lap is a small, smiling, tan bear. On the left reads 'Happy Parent's Day!' a thin, white, horizontal line below, and then 'You're the Beary Best'. The words made out of are white, rounded, sans letters outlined in black.
A pale pink background with an illustration of three hands stacked on top of eachother to the bottom left side. A horizontal, peach colored, wavy line crosses the image behind the hands. To the left of the hands the line makes a heart shape. On the right above the line, reads 'Happy National Parent's Day' in the same peach color. In the top left corner is 'July 28' in small letters. The font used of the words is a round, cursive script.
A transparent, white rectangle with rounded corners sits on top of a color blocked background. The colors are a blue circle in the top left corner, then a yellow wave, green wave in the center with half a black circle in the bottom left corner, and large red circle covering the right side.
A light blue background covered in overlapping red, blue, and white circles creating a chain pattern. A horizontal, slightly transparent, white, rectangle with blurred edges crosses the center of the image.
A solid, light blue background with illustrations of various kinds of green leaves, and white flowers on the left edge.
A digital illustration of a birds eye view of a blue pool. A blue and white striped beach ball floats in at the bottom of the image slightly to the left. In the top right floats a blue, inflatable inner tube. White flowers float in the water, and green leaves edge the image.
A red background with large spots of yellow, orange, and tan around all the edges. On top, transparent, white silhouettes of tropical leaves also come from all edges.

Animated Gifs

A dusty blue background with an illustration of a white mail van at the bottom of the gif. The van has a one red and one blue, thin, horizontal stripes across the center. A red outline drawing of a envelope with three small horizontal lines to the left is on the side of the van above the horizontal lines. The van slightly moving up and down while its wheels are turning counter clockwise. Above the van the words 'Thank You for Your Service' in all-caps, white letters are pop in and out of the gif.
A red background with white and green teardrop shaped fireworks bursting in and out. The word 'Happy' in small, white, script letters sits above 'FOURTH OF JULY' in large, bold, white, sans letters.
A gif of a hand waving a small American Flag in a stick on the right side. To the left reads 'HAPPY 4TH OF JULY' in small, red, bold, sans letters outlined in black. Below in large letters, all outlined in black, are 'U' in blue, 'S' in red' and 'A' in white. In the light blue background appears burst os red, white, and blue fireworks.
GIF with a beige background with a pink, heart, chocolate box wrapped in a yellow bow sits in the center. The box opens showing all the chocolates. Four hands come into the gif from each corner and grab all the chocolates, then pull away. The box closes and the gif starts over.
A gif of a hot dog in a bun wearing an American Flag tank top and sweat headband is standing in a small inflatable, American Flag pool, holding an american flag in one hand, and eating donuts out of a blue bucket with the other. The donut bucket sits on a red sign that reads 'HOTDOG EATING CONTEST' in dripping white letters. Behind everything are red and blue fireworks.
A gif of red and green star shapes outlined in with and black letters and making a pattern, expand into three horizontal rectangles. The top rectangle is red, the middle black, and the bottom green. In the middle, on the black, are white letters in a bold, serif, block, font reading 'Juneteenth' in all-caps.
A navy background with the words 'GO TEAM USA' in shiny gold, sans letters. the words slide revealing three letter outlines behind them. Behind 'GO' are the colors gray, brown and red. Behind 'TEAM' is gray, brown, and white. Behind 'USA' is gray, brown, and blue. As the letters move, yellow, four pointed stars appear and disappear around the words.
A gif of the five Olympic ring logo on top of a solid white background. Drops of blue, yellow, black, green, and red float in to the center of the image and form each ring. The rings then turn back into drops and float out of the gif.
A gold background with a white egg in the center and two chickens looking at the egg, backs showing, on either side of the gif. The egg shakes, and the legs and arms pop out of it. A smiling face appears on the egg too. The egg starts dancing and the two chickens' beaks fall open in surprise. The white colored words 'Happy Parents Day!' pop into the gif when the egg grows its legs and arms.