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Hot pink background with an overlayed pattern of witch hats, pumpkins, bats, lightning bolts, stars, and dots. Illustrated spooky objects make letters that read 'Halloween' in the center of the image. Zombie bones make the 'H' and 'N'. Witch hat 'A', candle 'L's, moon 'O', bat 'W', and pumpkin 'E's. Two white spider webs flank black letters in a shaky font spell trick or treat.

Background Videos

Daylight Savings November 6
Veterans Day November 11
Black Friday November 25


At generated graphic with a teal vignette background. Filling the page is a graphic in graffiti style illustrations reads '2024' with lots of circles, lines, and other graphic elements. The graphic is a variety of colors, such as bright blues, oranges, and pinks.
In the center is a gold circle with smaller navy blue, and then a blue gradient circles inside. In gold, bold, sans letters saying '2024'. Below in small, navy, sans, all caps, letters says 'Happy New Year. The background is navy.
A photo of an birds-eye view of a plate of spaghetti with red sauce and meatballs. It's topped with shredded parmesan cheese, and four leaves of basil. The plate sits on top of a burlap placemat. At the bottom left corner reads 'January 4th National Spaghetti Day'. Typed in white, serif, letters with a think black outline.
A solid, bright, light, green background, with an illustration of a plate of spaghetti and meatballs with red tomato sauce and two leaves of basil on top. Right aligned in the bottom right corner of the image in red, italic, sans letters, outlined on white, says 'Jan. 04 National Spaghetti Day'.
A solid, light blue background. On the upper right side reads 'International Thank You Day January 11' in blue, round, sans letters. At the left side is an illustration of two men standing next to each other; waist up is shown. The left man is eating teal jeans, black belt and watch, and a white polo with a grid pattern. He is holding a blue folder in his left hand. His right hand is reaching out to a black folder he appears to have dropped that the right man is handing back to him. Above the left man is a white speech bubble saying 'Thank you!'. The right man is wearing black pants, white sweater and collared shirt with a teal jacket. In this right hand he is holding a blue binder.
An image of the MLK monument in D.C. at night. Dr. King's likeness is pictured waist up in the left side of the image against a solid black night sky. To the right reads 'Martin Luther King Jr Day' in bold, white, geometric, sans letters. Above and below the words is a horizontal white line.
A black and white image of the 'I Have A Dream' marker in the granite steps of the Lincoln memorial in Washington D.C. At the top, center edge of the image reads 'January 15th Martin Luther King Jr. Day' in black, serif letters.
Image of a the "I Am A Man" mural by artists Marcelous (with BLK75) Lovelace in Memphis, TN. The mural paints the I Am A Man protesters holding up white signs saying the namesake of the mural. The protesters are herating many different colors of clothing, such as green, purple, blues, pinks, yellow, and much more. At the bottom of the image reads 'Martin Luther King Jr. Day | Jan. 15 in thin, black letters on top of a transparent white rectangle horizontally across the bottom edge. At the top right corner in a small white, transparent box reads the artwork citation.
The center reads 'Happy National Popcorn Day? Jan 19th' center aligned in black, curny, rounded, sans letters. Above the words is a black lined outline of a piece of popcorn. All inside of a light, creamy yellow circle. Behind the circle, filling the rest of the image, is a close-up photo of a pile of popcorn.
A light tan circle fills the right side of the image with a light creamy, off white, background. Inside the circle is an illustration of a white and red striped container overfilled with yellow popcorn. To the left reads 'Happy Popcorn Day! 01/19' in red, rounded, curvy, sans letters.
'Happy National Compliment Day' in rounded, geometric, black serif letters outlined in white horizontally crosses the center of the image. The background consists of three abstract, curvy shapes in muted, light green, white, and gray green. Two curvy, vertical lines are also in the background. Above the centered words are three different speech bubbles, as well as three below. They all read compliments. Saying 'I appreciate you', 'You are a great friend', You should be proud of yourself', You're awesome', you are very talented', and 'I admire your diligence'. The compliments are in the same font as the title, but in white letters.
An image of a pile of puzzle pieces in shades blue, purple, and green colors is seen on the left side. Filling the rest of the image is a dusty, muted, light blue color in the shape of a puzzle piece. Within the center of this shape reads 'National Puzzle Day' in white, serif letters. In the top right corner in smaller letters reads '01/29'.
An close-up image of a white, green, pink, and brown floral puzzle with one piece sitting on top waiting to be put in the empty spot. At the bottom left corner, in the same brown as the puzzle, is a rectangle with rounded corners, and a drop shadow. In the rectangle reads 'January 29th' National Puzzle Day' in white, italic, serif letters.
An image fills the screen of a zebra's striped, fur, coat. A transparent, black rectangle is the center of the image. In small letters at the top right corner of the rectangle says 'January 31st'. In the center reads 'International Zebra Day'. All the text is in white, sans serif, rounded letters.
Left side of the image is an ai, close-up, image of a zebra looking forward at the viewer. Centered aligned right of the zebra in white serif letters reads 'January 31st International Zebra Day'. All on a solid black background.
Alternating light and pastel blue vertical lines across the background. In the center of the 'Happy' in bold, cursive, black letters'. Below reads '100' made out of a yellow pencil, green apple, and red apple, with bold, black numbers bordering the shapes. 'Days of school' is below in the same font as 'Happy'.
An image of a black, chalk board with white heart drawn on it. On top, diagonally, in white sans, distressed, chalk letters with a drop shadow reads 'Happy 100th Day of School!'
Solid white background with illustrations of a pink planet yellow stars, a space ship, and brown comments hanging off the top edge. A three eyed, green alien, a little tan animal are on the bottom left corner, and on the bottom right sits am astronaut waving and a white bunny.
An image of gray cement with small, metallic stars and fairy lights on the left and bottom edge.
An image of a snow covered ground with a little snowman made out of three snowballs and two sticks for arms in the left side of the photo.
In the bottom right corner is an illustration of a little girl wearing a bow in her hair, a long winter coat, a pink scarf covering part of her face, and pink mittens and boots to match. She is standing outside with snow falling. The rest of the image is a solid light blue color.

Animated Gifs

A gif of four friends, backs facing, wearing yellow, orange, and teal shirts, with their arms around each other. The friends are looking at fireworks busting into the image in teal, yellow, and orange across a navy night sky. In the sky in bold, white letters with a small pink outline, reads 'Happy New Year'.
A gif of a person, torso only, wearing a light green long sleeved shirt at the bottom edge of the image throughs orange and pink confetti up. Above the person reads 'Thank You!' in handwritten black letters.
A gif with orange, pink, blue, and teal changing color background. In the center is a solid black zig zag shape. Inside reads 'you're doing a good job!' in all caps, white, script letters. The letters have a multi layered drop shadow in the same changing colors as the background.
A off white background with three characters moving across the image. The left character is all yellow, wearing black boots, a bolo tie, and hat. They are bending up and down at the knees with their arms moving our and in at the sides. Three blue stars are on either side of the yellow character, In the center the blue character sits at a desk and chair typing on a yellow laptop with a red heart on it. The blue character is smiling and their black hair is in a bob style. The red character in the left is bending at their left knee up and down while sticking their right leg out forward and back in. Their arms are waving up and down into the air. Above the characters reads 'It's Compliment Day' in all caps, bold, sans letters. 'Compliment' is in red while 'it's' and 'day' are in blue. Below in smaller thin, black, sans letters reads 'spread the love!'. All the words are swaying side to side.