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Beginning in Chrome Version 81, devices now support Progressive Web Applications to be launched in Kiosk mode and to be installed by user policy. PWAs will soon replace Chrome OS Apps, and is a huge step forward in standardizing web applications across platforms. We have more information about Progressive Web Applications and the benefits they offer in this blog article. More on the Google release of Chrome 81 with app bading.

This feature is still in the early stages of release, and there are still some known bugs impacting this feature. However, G-Suite users can currently test out deploying their Arreya channel PWA via Kiosk mode, or force install their PWA on users’ computers via user policy in the Users & Browsers section of the device settings section. Below are steps to deploying the Kiosk PWA with the recently added feature. 

Now, users visiting the Chrome device settings section of the admin console, in the Apps & Extensions section will now have an option to add an application by URL in addition to the previous options to search the web store, play store or specify an application by ID.

How To Add Your Arreya Digital Signage channel as a PWA.

portable web application

After selecting the Add by URL option, you will be prompted to enter a URL of the progressive web application. Any Arreya channel will work with this method.

PWA kiosk mode Arreya digital signage

You will be presented with a disclaimer that explains that Kiosk applications will have permissions automatically granted without the user’s consent.

portable web app kiosk mode

You will now be able to select your Arreya channel PWA as the auto-launch application for the organization. Like other kiosk apps, you can enable other features, like Virtual Keyboard, and Unified Desktop in the kiosk application settings on the right hand panel.

kiosk PWA arreya digital signage