It is that time of year again – Google I/O, the annual developer conference where Google announces new features, APIs, and products that they have been working on.  Want to get a sneak peak?  Well, most of the internet has been speculating for a while now.  Here’s a good list of possibilities –


Check out the full schedule and live stream here –


This year is a bit different, in a lot of ways…

  • Location – It’s outdoors! Bring sunscreen! Actually, they provide that too 😉
  • You can follow along at home!  I/O will be live streamed (including 360deg VR), and there will be coverage from several news sites like Engadget, TechCrunch, CNET, and more.
  • We’re going to be there! Several years back I added I/O to my personal bucket list, and this year it’s happening.  As I type this I’m sitting in a hotel room in San Jose, downing cheap coffee and charging up my devices.  Feel free to ask me questions here, or on Twitter as @waltermoore.


Along with most of the web covering Google I/O the next few days I’m going to add in my thoughts, especially as it relates to digital signage, kiosks, the web, mobile, and more.


It’s almost 8AM now, time to finish up and head over to the event!