In early August 2020, some of our clients reported that their devices were showing offline in the Google Admin console, but the devices were functioning normally. Users could still take screenshots, reboot and even start a remote desktop session with their “offline” devices. After reporting the issue to Google, they acknowledged that it was a known issue, and the devices aren’t affected by this false offline status. We will update our knowledge base article about this issue as we receive more information from Google.

What this means for your Chrome devices – Your devices may show offline in the Google Admin console, even though they are fully functional. You can still do most of the device functions like taking a screenshot, or starting a remote desktop session with the device to view what is currently displaying. The online/offline status of the devices in your Arreya dashboard, should be accurate, and is not affected by this issue.

AOPEN Chromebox commercial 2

What you can do – The online/offline status in the Arreya dashboard is unaffected by this issue. This means you can verify the online/offline status of your devices in your Arreya dashboard. In the Google Admin console, in the device list section, you can look at the ‘Last policy sync’ column to help find devices that are actually offline. Typically this policy sync will be updated within the last 24 hours. You can also still take screenshots or reboot a device to see if it’s still responding.