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Hot pink background with an overlayed pattern of witch hats, pumpkins, bats, lightning bolts, stars, and dots. Illustrated spooky objects make letters that read 'Halloween' in the center of the image. Zombie bones make the 'H' and 'N'. Witch hat 'A', candle 'L's, moon 'O', bat 'W', and pumpkin 'E's. Two white spider webs flank black letters in a shaky font spell trick or treat.

Background Videos

Daylight Savings November 6
Veterans Day November 11
Black Friday November 25


On the right side, a watercolor illustration of a groundhog sitting of grass and flowers. The same flowers are also seen on the bottom left corner. 'Happy Groundhog Day! Feb. 02' reads in teal watercolor, script letters left of the groundhog.
A photograph of green grass and white fluffy dandelions. A small head of a brown groundhog pokes itself up from the grass on the left side of the image. At the top center reads 'Happy Groundhog Day' and the bottom edge reads 'February 2nd' in white, italic, all-caps, sans letters.
Image of a man's torso wearing a white sweatshirt against a solid pink backdrop. Both hands are holding a square, black frames, white felt letter board. On the board, black, all-caps letters spell 'WORLD CANCER DAY'.
AI image of an illustrated slice of pepperoni pizza, oozing cheese, and parsley on top on the left side. In the top right 'February 9th National Pizza Day' reads in green, serif, all caps, italic letters. All on top a beige background.
White background with a line drawing of a pizza slice in red repeats creating a linear pattern filling the entire image. Right aligned in the bottom right corner is 'FEB. 9th NATIONAL PIZZA DAY' in all caps, red, sans letters.
An illustration of a young boy with brown hair, pants, and shoes, and a sage green long-sleeved shirt with cream polka-dots. The boy is running with one arm up in the air and the other outstretched holding a large red, paper lantern with gold details on a stick. The background is shades of muted and dark blue with white, dusty starts across. Over the lantern arch letters reading 'Happy Lunar New Year' in thin, white, script, looped, sans font. A small drop shadow is behind the letters. Smaller, below the lantern in the same font reads 'Feb. 10th'.
White background with red, sketch drawings of a dragon facing the center of the image filling either side. In the center curvy, red, script, in-line text reads top to bottom 'Lunar New Year' 'Year of the Dragon' 'February 10, 2024'.
A patchy green, beige, and blue background it black sketch lines scattered across it. On the right side is watercolor splotches of various colors. A sketch drawing in black and white with blue shadows is a football player holding the football in both hands. To the left reads 'SUPER BOWL SUNDAY' in bold, black, sans letters.
A white background with NFL Wilson footballs, laces up, are arranged in a circle diagonally filling the image. The footballs in the foreground are blurry and out of focus, so the footballs in the mid-ground are in focus.
On the left, an ai image of a festive, purple, party eye mask with turquoise and gold details, and trimmed with sparkles and shinny white beads. A rainbow of feathers are attached to the top of the mask. Green, yellow, and purple circular beads are bunched to each side of the mask, with long beaded strings hanging down from them. The mask sits on a solid black background and is slightly illuminated by a light source out of frame. Rainbow glitters and is scattered below the mask.
Purple, blue, and gold oils or watercolor paints mix and swirl together filling the background. In white, serif letters with a purple outline spells 'Mardi Gras February 13th' in the center of the image.
A checkerboard pattern alternating red and light pink fills the page. Every other horizontal row the red boxes are solid, then filled with squiggly lines. Hearts are in each box, and are the alternating pink and red colors. Solid and squiggly line, red hearts in the pink boxes alternate horizontally opposite if the boxes stated previously. A transparent, blurry white rectangle overlays the center of the image.
On the left, an illustration of a woman in green leggings, and purple shirt sits on a watercolor painted pink flower with green vine stem and leaves grows from a pink flower pot. The woman is holding a green watering can in her left hand. She waters the flower pot below with hearts falling from the watering can. The top right corner has more green leaves. In purple, round, script letters says 'Happy Valentines Day' between the flower and leaves. Two small, pink hearts are next to the 'y' in day. In the same font, but smaller, at the bottom left corner says '02/14'.
Am image of a black background with white paper hearts stringed together with a string of red and white twine across the top edge. In white, round, script letters with a bright pink drop shadow reads 'Happy Valentines Day' centered aligned in the center of the image.
An image of the Washington monument durina a snowy winter day. Over top in black, script letters says 'February Nineteenth Happy Presidents Day'.
A close up image of the fabric of the American Flag blowing in the wind. 'Presidents Day' reads in the center of the image with a thin black underneath. 'February 19th' sits below the line in smaller letters. All the text is in black, serif, all-caps letters with a transparent, white, blurry, shadow.
An image of the White House and it's front lawn in a blue skyed summer day. 'Happy Presidents' Day!' in bold white, sans, all-caps letters cross the top of the image in the sky.
White calendar blocks are stacked in filling the center of the image on a pink wood table and a pink wall behind. The block faces that are visible have black serif font letters and numbers, and their edges have also worn away revealing black underneath the white paint. The bottom block is short and long. It reads 'FEBRUARY'. On top two large, square blocks have one number on each face. The left has the leffer '2' and the right has a '9'.
A graphic of a Black woman with red lips, gold hoops, and a black afro faces forward looking over her shoulder and eyes closed. A vertical curved lines comes together down and around the left side of the woman. The vertical lines are from left to right green, gold, and red. The background is a solid, pale yellow color. In the center of the image, on top of the vertical line and the woman's afro says 'Black History Month' in left aligned, bold, serif, all-caps letters in the same yellow as the background.
An four images of a black, white, and red papilio swallowtail butterfly wings outstretched create an arch from the bottom left of the image to the top right corner. Center aligned to the left of the butterflies reads 'Black History Month' in bold, black, serif letters.
On the left side of the image is an illustration of a red heart with a black stethoscope. Filling the center, right of the image is 'FEBRUARY IS NATIONAL HEART HEALTH MONTH' in bold, all-caps, white, sans serif letters. The words 'National Heart Health' are in a red box. Everything else is over the bright, solid blue background.
White, all-caps, sans letters with a purple drop shadow reads 'National Cancer Prevention Month' left aligned on the left, center of the image. Above there is a white, horizontal line with 'February' on top in the same font, but smaller. On the right side there are three light purple commemorative ribbons in a row. The center ribbon is larger in size than the two ribbons on either side.
Pale, light blue, paper textured background with th white lace, cut-out border.
Solid white background with small, white, candy hearts scattered across. The center of the image has no candy hearts in it.
A watercolor painted, purple flower and flower bud lay in the bottom right corner, and a sprig of light, sage green leaves cross the top left corner. Faint splotches of light, bright green watercolor paint are around both the leaves and flower. All on a solid white background.

Animated Gifs

A gif of an animated, brown bunny with its ears sticking straight up, and wearing a blue t-shirt with yellow buttons, pocket, and collar. The rabbit alternates each hand to blow kisses, which send pink hearts from its mouth. At five kisses the bunny winks with its left eye.
A gif if a rotating light and dark green, radial background. Stationary at the bottom center edge sits a square white and green box that at the top says 'February 29' in white serif letters. Over the box 'Happy Leap Day!' appears when a man wearing black pants, orange vest,a green suit jacket, and green top hat jumps over the box.
A gif with a bright, solid, goldenrod background. Alternating images in order are graphics of a a Black man in a green shirt facing right with the word 'Celebrate' at the center top of the frame. Then a Black woman in a pink shirt facing left with the word 'Black'. Lastly both the man and the woman are together with word 'History' above. All the words are written in dark brown, bold, serif letters.
A gif if a red heart, smiling with it's mouth open and eyes closed. It's two arms wearing white gloves on each hand are wrapped around the heart; giving itself a hug. The words 'Take Care of Yourself' appear around the heart in white, all-caps, sans letters with navy outline.
A gif if a pink heart wearing a blue sweat headband is breathing in and out as it runs with two white, stick legs.