Chrome Digital Signage

A Modern Way to Manage and Secure Your Screens

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Arreya partnered with Chrome delivers cutting edge digital signage technology.

• Advanced, reliable, and powerful
• Complete control from anywhere
• The latest and best hardware
• High level security

Why Does Arreya Recommend Chrome?

Advanced and Reliable

As a leader in today’s digital world, Chrome provides a secure system that is simple to use. Moreover devices auto update to stay current.

Powerful and Secure

Chrome devices are compact computers that provide the security you need for signage. Arreya with Chrome devices exceeds the EU & American cybersecurity standards.

Complete Control

Chrome Enterprise Management provides easy remote control of all devices. Lock hardware in kiosk mode, reboot, power on and off, or take screenshots to view content.
Cloud Based Digital Signage with Chrome Device Management

Plus Manage Your Devices With Ease

Time-saving Digital Signage Software

Pre-Configure Signage

Setup the device so it is ready to go for each location and have it launch when the device turns on.

Digital Display Screens for Signage

Monitor Device Health 

Receive alerts, advanced reports, and take screenshots of content playing on your screens.

Cloud-based Digital Signage Software

Configure Networks 

Setup a variety of networks; WPA2 enterprise networks, proxies, and more on 1000’s of devices.

Which Chrome Devices Are Best For Digital Signage?

AOPEN Chromebox commercial 2

AOPEN Chromebox

A robust option that will hold up in spaces inside and outside.

ASUS_Fanless-Chromebox_New-Technology_Enterprise-Level-Security_Top-Notch-Security_Devices_ Home Page

Asus Chromebox

A commercial unit for indoor usage that handles any signage demands.
HP Chromebox G3 i5 front

HP Chromebox

A unit ideal for areas with limited space and simple signage tasks.

Google Apps to Save You Time.

Link existing Google content with a few clicks.

Q: How do I choose the Chrome Management license for my project?
A: There are 4 types of services as listed by Google,  and we can help you choose the one that best suits your project. The four options are Enterprise Perpetual, Enterprise Annual, Education, & Nonprofit Perpetual.
Q: What is kiosk mode?
A: Kiosk mode locks your digital signage onto the content that is playing. This prevents users from hacking the signage and from playing unwanted content.
Q: Can I use a Raspberry Pi or Android Hardware?
A: We suggest staying away from Raspberry Pis as these devices are meant for mock-ups, not consumer needs. As for other signage hardware, these platforms come with extra time and money NOT built into the initial cost.