Arreya + BrightSign Players

A powerful combination in the digital signage industry

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Partnered to deliver solutions for any digital signage experience

BrightSign is a global market leader in digital signage media players. From entry-level BrightSign LS players to BrightSign XT players offering state-of-the-art technology and unsurpassed performance, BrightSign’s products are known for their signature reliability, affordability, ease-of-use, and market-leading technology. 

BrightSign devices are purpose-built for digital signage

Time-saving Digital Signage Software


BrightSignOS delivers unmatched security, keeping your players, connected devices, and network safe from any potential risks. With a purpose-built file system that removes vulnerabilities and is configurable to any security profile, BrightSignOS lets you to focus on creating brilliant experiences without changing security protocols.

Time-saving Digital Signage Software


With unrivaled uptime across millions of players, BrightSignOS empowers you to captivate your audience without missing a single opportunity. Self-healing capabilities and real-time monitoring enable remote management of one or thousands of devices from anywhere in the world, ensuring uninterrupted operation and peace of mind

Time-saving Digital Signage Software


BrightSignOS was purpose-built to deliver the most powerful digital signage experience on the market. Able to run any type of content, resolution, connected device, and technology integration, BrightSignOS makes it easy to create dynamic and sophisticated digital experiences.
Time-saving Digital Signage Software


Easy to maintain, power-efficient, and built to last, BrightSignOS is the long-lasting and sustainable choice for digital signage. Free software updates for life ensure no player is left behind.

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AOPEN Chromebox commercial 2

BrightSign LS5

An affordable and solid performer.

AOPEN Chromebox commercial 2

BrightSign HD5

For powering interactive experiences.


AOPEN Chromebox commercial 2

BrightSign XD5

Delivers standout graphics capabilities.

AOPEN Chromebox commercial 2

BrightSign XC5

Achieve perfect video walls every time with a single multi-output player

AOPEN Chromebox commercial 2

BrightSign XT4-T

Unsurpassed performance to run 2 screens from a singe player


AOPEN Chromebox commercial 2

BrightSign XT4

Enterprise performance with 4k video & graphics