Making decisions at an enterprise level certainly can be stressful and difficult. One decision often affects thousands of people, whether they are employees, shareholders, or customers. Even decisions that may seem straightforward on the surface quickly become complicated. Enterprise businesses are using digital signage software as a tool to communicate more effectively with employees and customers, helping them obtain better feedback, which they use to make better decisions.

Woman Working with Enterprise Digital Signage

Tools to Fix Complex Problems

The sheer number of workers enterprises employ is astounding. Walmart is estimated to have around 2.3 million employees. Amazon, governments and large financial institutions have multiple locations and employees working differently.

From hybrid, remote or in-person, communication becomes more important. Clear and quick information is easy with digital signage.  All the same information coming from one location. No emails to wade through or miss. 

This LIST ranks companies by number of employees. All of the top 100 enterprises have over 180,000 employees. When you’re dealing with a massive amount of people, communicating effectively and efficiently can be a real challenge.

Enterprises often have locations across the country, or even worldwide, with employees working both onsite and remotely. Digital signage software allows enterprises to distribute information to everyone simultaneously, or to specific groups of employees as needed.  

Digital Signage Content on CellphoneEnterprises are faced with a complicated problem: making sure that hundreds of thousands of people are up to date on health insurance, company news, metrics, and industry laws just to name a few. Domain based emails, time clock applications, and digital signage software are all important tools enterprises use to help employees get the information they need on a daily basis. These tools are kept fully secure, protecting employee and proprietary information.  Many enterprises use Chromebox devices for digital signage because of their various security features like kiosk mode and verified boot.

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The way that enterprises use digital signage software is unique. No two enterprises seem to use it exactly the same way.  Some display the same content on all screens throughout all locations, whereas others have different content for each building, or even each department. Others don’t use digital signage internally at all. Instead they use it for advertising or to improve customer experience. Some companies have a larger remote presence than others, and they need to extend digital content to employees around the globe. Digital signage software is flexible, scaling to each individual enterprise’s needs and adapting when those needs change.

Enterprise Templates

Digital signage software is a great tool for enterprise business communications, but content needs to be updated. That means someone is going to need to take the time to design, edit, and update content throughout the year. Digital signage software often comes with premade TEMPLATES for different displays. For example, cafeteria signage templates are common.

The person in charge of managing an enterprise’s digital signage picks a template and then adds in custom content, like menu items for the cafeteria signs.

Digital signage software allows users to integrate spreadsheets, automating the process even further. Enterprises often create their own custom digital signage templates. They create a template for each quarter, each month, or even each week. These templates allow employees to make a few quick changes to dates and announcements, and display up to date professional content. 

Reliable Emergency Alerts

Enterprises spend a lot of time and resources on emergency planning, and rightfully so, they have a lot to lose. Even with an airtight plan, when disaster strikes, people panic. Enterprises use alerting and digital signage software together to display emergency messaging with one click. Clear instructions are displayed on digital signage throughout buildings, and instructions are also deployed to employee cell phones. Messaging is customized for each emergency. Digital signage equipped with webcams even livestreams different parts of the building during emergencies and dangerous situations. Managers use their phones or other mobile devices to take over screens and distribute instructions as needed. Digital signage software gives enterprises complete control over how they want to display emergency messaging and what devices receive those emergency messages. 

Employee Wellness

Enterprise Digital Signage on TV in CafeteriaEmployees are an enterprise’s most valuable asset. Many enterprise level businesses have onsite gyms and cafeterias with healthy food options. Many of them have mandatory group stretching as well, particularly manufacturing enterprises. Enterprises use digital signage as a tool to promote employee wellness, displaying air quality levels, health facts, healthy recipes, and other health data like COVID19 infection rates. Health related digital signage content helps employees make more health conscious decisions.

Intelligent Enterprise Solutions

Digital signage is an important communication tool in an enterprise’s toolbelt. It streamlines communication internally, and it also improves customer experience. Chrome devices are an excellent choice for enterprise digital signage because of their robust security features. Google has a list of Chrome Enterprise Recommended solutions which can be found HERESecure and streamlined communications help managers make more informed decisions and distribute vital information to employees globally and instantaneously.