Our clients wanted a way to add large up-dateable donor lists to static donor walls and engage visitors. Digital was the perfect solution and ARREYA Interactive Software was developed with non-profit donor walls in mind. ARREYA can be used for single touchscreen monitors, multiple monitors or video walls. The built in Smart Sizing adapts easily to any size viewing area. This includes phones and tablets, so now a donor wall can travel with everyone.Examples Digital Donor Walls from Arreya

The hardest thing about digital donor walls is formatting the donor lists so they fit the viewable area. ARREYA has an add-on feature, Listeez, that allows for instant population of lists from Excel. Listeez automatically formats your lists into columns, pages, name size; whatever format fits your monitor. Changing out donor lists is quick and simple.  To draw more interest to the wall, marketing has added videos, slideshows and events.

In the case of UnityPoint St. Luke’s Hospital, LED lights were added to the wall for a fun, interactive experience. Controlled by the digital display, visitors can change the colors of the LED lights and they can be programmed for certain events.

Electronic donor walls add interest to static donor walls and hopefully increase donations.