Colleges and universities can be overwhelming to navigate, even for the most seasoned students. To make campuses more accessible and user-friendly, many colleges and universities have implemented digital signage software as a wayfinding solution. As a result, they have seen positive impacts on student life, including improved safety,  easier navigation, and more engagement.

Interactive Wayfinding 

Digital signage software allows users to create an interactive experience with detailed directions around campus. Digital maps have several advantages compared to their traditional paper counterparts. They are updateable, more sustainable, and easier to view. Also, digital wayfinding provides an interactive element that isn’t possible with traditional maps. Digital wayfinding kiosks are controlled by touchscreens, cell phones, or a mouse and keyboard. Screens display animations, videos, and campus news, and events alongside navigation.  Users interact with signage to find the information, directions, or content they’re most interested in viewing.

Campus Safety

Digital wayfinding systems are not only convenient for students and staff, they help provide safety for everyone on campus as well. The digital signage software powering wayfinding kiosks throughout campus integrates with alerting software like Alertus and Singlewire. 

These alerting software products allow campus security to deploy emergency messaging with one click. Evacuation routes and directions to storm shelters are quickly and reliably displayed on all screens when necessary. Providing directions and context to dangerous situations is critical. Digital signage software is one of the best tools to distribute this information.

Every student or staff member has access to the campus information through the Arreya PWA feature.  This allows the school to apply their Arreya channel as an app to devices without going through the Google Play Store or Apple Store.  PWA or Progressive Web Apps are the future of true communications.

Customizable Messaging 

Digital wayfinding solutions for colleges and universities are incredibly customizable, much more customizable than traditional signs and maps.

Digital wayfinding content can be scheduled in advance down to the minute. This means that if there is construction, an event, or a change of any kind, the change can display on screen in realtime, or it can be scheduled to change when it’s appropriate. This creates a more proactive approach to wayfinding.

Learn more about digital signage scheduling. 

Better Experiences on Campus 

Overall, digital wayfinding systems are an efficient and effective tool for navigating college campuses. They make the campus experience easier and safer for everyone. With advanced digital signage software, colleges and universities can implement powerful navigation solutions that provide students and staff with clear direction. 

If you need more guidance on implementing digital signage to your campus, click here.