Share Information With Students All Year

Summer vacation has begun for students all across America, and administrators might be wondering how to get their money’s worth out of digital signage. phone and tablet digital signage viewingIf you use Arreya, your students don’t have to be in the hallways to see your display. You can share your unique Arreya URL with your students, faculty and parents for them to check for daily changes and updates.

10 Things For Schools To Post on Digital Signage

  1. Sports Schedules – Just because school is over doesn’t mean the kids are uninvolved in school activities. Get support for your teams by providing a schedule and attract a crowd.
  2. Graduation Pictures – Whether they are graduating from preschool, middle school or junior high, it is a milestone and students and parents love to see and share the news.
  3. Year in Review – Photos and newspaper clippings of plays, concerts, sports, clubs and special events give students great stuff to look back on.
  4. Local Educational Opportunities – Libraries, local tutors, and county parks have great programs that will keep your students eager to learn. Compile information so it’s all in one place for parent and students who are interested.
  5. Summertime Deeds and Trip Photos – Display photos of mission trips, volunteer work, community events that students took part in and more. Your students are just as awesome in the summertime.
  6. Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities – Show your students that their help is needed to make the community a better place. Students who want to serve or just want something to do might welcome the opportunity to help at community events or walk dogs at the humane society.
  7. Summer Job Opportunities – Sometimes it’s hard for students to know where they can be hired based on their age. Give them the tools to earn money at local businesses when they are not in school.
  8. Scholarship Opportunities – Encourage your juniors and seniors to get a head start on scholarship opportunities that are already posted. Also, share some of the websites and resources where students will find scholarship opportunities. If they do it during the summer, there will be more time for homework and extracurriculars during the school year.
  9. Mentorships or Internships – Allow local businesses to be a part of your students’ education by letting them advertise internships and mentor opportunities. Students who are leaning toward a certain industry will appreciate the experience.
  10. Open House Schedules and Paperwork Deadlines – Your patrons will appreciate having all of this information organized into a neat display. You can even use the website widget and show information as it is on the school website. The more places your families have to stay informed, the more likely they will stay engaged with upcoming events.

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