A fellow designer shares her first impression, the simplicity, and the surrealness of learning Arreya’s Digital Signage. She elaborates on her experience while learning Digital Signage in just 4 short months. Giving a designers insight into interactive digital signage content creation using the Arreya Creative Studio.

Hello my name is Nicole. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for creating. I graduated college at the University of Nebraska-Omaha with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art and a concentration in Graphic Design. My digital signage adventure began when I became part of the Arreya team 4 months ago.

First Impression of Arreya Digital Signage Suite

When I was first introduced to Arreya I didn’t know much about Digital Signage or thought I would ever be creating interactive touchscreen displays. The only experience I had was in Adobe XD and the process to link pages is more complex. With Arreya I thought that it would require some coding. NOPE! Not at all.  It was actually a lot easier to grasp than I perceived. Arreya gives you the ability to expand on your design even further by making it interactive! Plus it was super easy to learn. The interactive part is as simple as placing a “touch point” into the layout, for instance a “Home” button, and then link it to the “Home” page which will then appear after touching that spot. Learn more about inserting a touch point here.

The Simplicity of Learning the Arreya Editor

interactive digital content templateNow you might be thinking creating many additional pages would be difficult and having a lot of content to replicate would take a ton of time. I was worried about this too. One thing that I discovered in Arreya, that saved me a lot of time, was the ability to duplicate a page. This comes in handy when you want to have a navigation bar to remain in the same spot on each page as people navigate throughout your display.  The ‘duplicate page button’ copies everything (even touch points) from that page and duplicates everything to another page. If you are familiar with Adobe it’s like ‘paste in place’, but you are pasting in place the WHOLE page.  Once you have your touch points linked you don’t have to worry about linking them all over again. This saves you A LOT of time. After you duplicate a page all you have to do is change the page content (e.g. headings, sub headings, body copy, and elements). A similar way of achieving this is creating a page template. Read more about that here.

The Surrealness of Digital Design Becoming Interactive

digital donor wallI was able to complete my first interactive display and pushed it live in just under a week, not to mention it had 35 pages of content. The Arreya Creative Studio was really easy to learn. With just a little tutoring and my skills with Adobe products, I was able to put together complex interactive digital content. Then I paired it to a touch screen on the wall in the office, and there it was! MY design on a 55” interactive touch screen, right in front of me! It was awesome to see it displayed SO BIG and not just on my Mac monitor. What was even more fascinating was I was able to tap on the screen and watch my design flip from page to page! It was so STINKING COOL

Level of Insight and Success Achieved 

hospital digital donor wallIn my short time of working with Arreya Digital Signage Suite I have created a number of interactive displays. What’s really humbling and encouraging is that I have created designs being used by people all over the United States. My first complete project was digital content for a digital donor wall display at a hospital in Wisconsin. Since then I have worked on wayfinding maps for a physicians clinic in Iowa, digital donor wall display at a hospital in Kentucky, and now an Alumni Wall for a school in Chicago. Overall, there’s a lot of thought and reasoning that goes into creating a design and Arreya is the perfect Digital Signage software to help you easily design informational displays.