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Hot pink background with an overlayed pattern of witch hats, pumpkins, bats, lightning bolts, stars, and dots. Illustrated spooky objects make letters that read 'Halloween' in the center of the image. Zombie bones make the 'H' and 'N'. Witch hat 'A', candle 'L's, moon 'O', bat 'W', and pumpkin 'E's. Two white spider webs flank black letters in a shaky font spell trick or treat.

Background Videos

Daylight Savings November 6
Veterans Day November 11
Black Friday November 25


White background with shear, bright red ribbon shapes zig zag horizontally across the whole image. The red shapes overlap each other. Black sans letters in the center of the image read 'World Aids Day' with a black line below the words. Below the line in smaller black sans letters read 'December 1st'.
White background with a gray silhouette map of the world fill the image. A large transparent illustration of a commemorative red ribbon is located on the left side. 'World Aids Day' reads in black sans letters in the center right of the image. Above 'World Aids Day' in a transparent red box says 'December 1st' in small, white, sans letters. A vertical black line separates the words and the ribbon.
Tan, brown cookies in the shapes of letters decorated in white frosting spell 'NATIONAL COOKIE DAY' filling the image center justified. A white curvy line borders the image. Small, white sans letters in the bottom right corner says 'Dec. 04'. A light solid blue background.
Eight illustrated, tan chocolate chip cookies spread across the left and center of the image. Right justified text in the bottom right corner says 'December 04 National Cookie Day' in white sans serif letters.
A yellow line crosses the bottom edge of the image with a purple line right above it. Coming up from the yellow line is a fully lit, yellow illustration of a menorah with the Star of David on the biggest center candle. Above the menorah reads 'Happy Hanukkah' in purple, sans letters outlined in bold white. Coming from the top edge of the image framing the words are multiple, small, yellow and purple Stars of David.
'Happy Hanukkah' in bold, white, serif, letters fill outlined in black horizontally fill the center of the image. The background is a solid plum, purple color with a pattern of drawn candles, dreides, and the Star of David.
Solid black background with and image at the bottom left of the tops of nine purple and white lit menorah candles. In the top right side if the image reads 'Happy Hanukkah' in white, round, cursive letters.
Photo of a tan puppy sits forward wearing a red and green Christmas holiday shirt, and a red and green hat with a white pom pom on top and elf ears. Right of the dog says 'Happy National Ugly Sweater Day!' in white cursive letters. Smaller, in the same letters at the top right corner reads 'Dec. 15th'. All on a pine green background.
Black, Caps and small caps, serif letters, center justified in the center of the image say 'December 15th National Ugly Sweater Day. The words sit in a solid white circle outlined in black dashed , stitched line. White, red, and green diamonds with navy diamond lines create a argyle pattern filling the rest of the image.
A solid, light gray background with an illustration of a branch slanted in top right corner and the left side of the image. The Branches and their leaves are black with white snow speckled in them. Red berries in clusters of three are on the branches. In small, black, all caps, serif letters in the center of the image read 'DECEMBER 21ST IS THE'. Below in the same letter, but bigger says 'SHORTEST DAY OF THE YEAR'.
Dark blue, curvy, script, all caps, letters centered of the image read 'WINTER SOLSTICE DEC. 21ST'. Surrounding the words is a illustration of a circle wreath of winter branches and berries in blues and grays. The same branches enlarged and transparent create a border in the left and right edges of the image. Image is filled with a solid pale, light blue background.
A solid, muted green background fills the entire image. In the bottom right corner there is an illustration of rudolph the red nosed reindeer and Santa petting the reindeer's nose with snow falling around them.
An picture of a surprised Santa wearing white gloves holding his glasses is in the bottom left corner. The solid, bright red background fills the image.
A gray blue background with off-white, cream snowflake pattern over it. A Off-white, cream square with cut out, zig zag, edges sits in the center of the image up to the top edge. Across the center bottom of the image in white cursive letters with a bold, red outline reads 'Merry Christmas'.
A solid burgundy background, with an illustration in the center. White, curvy letters say 'Merry Christmas'. Inside the letters are blue lines and dots. Framing the words are blue lines, peach dots, light blue leaves, and yellow holiday ornaments.
Image of bacon piles together with a sprig of thyme sits on a all white blurry background. In the top left corner reads 'National Bacon Day' in bold, black letters with a white, blurry drop shadow. Below 'National Bacon Day' in the same letter font, but smaller, reads '12/30'.
Line art, illustrated, packages of red bacon with a green 'bacon' label create a brick pattern on top of a solid beige, tan background. 'National Bacon Day' reads centered on the image in black, rounded, sans serif letters. Below reads 'December 30' smaller and in the same black font.
Bright, solid, teal background with white four white papers floating by balloons in the center if the image. On each paper reads a number in teal, bold, sans letters. In order the numbers are 2 0 2 4. A fifth paper and balloon are floating away in the top right corner. This paper has the number 3. The balloon colors on order are light blue, yellow, pink, neon green, and blue.
An image of a solid, black night sky. In the right corner a cluster of six red, orange, pink, white, and purple fireworks.
A solid, pale, yellow background. Bold numbers fill the image reading '2024'. The top of the first two, the zero, and bottom of the second two are gold. The bottom of the zero and second two connect and create a rectangle. Inside the rectangle reads 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' in small, bold black letters. The rest of the numbers are solid black.
All white background. A garland of gingerbread people and houses, decorated in white frosting, and strung together with red and white string cross the full top edge of the image.
Image of tall brown, dried grasses covered in snow. Snow falling. Bare branches on the right edge of image are in focus. A small, round, red, male cardinal bird sits on the branches.
Illustration of a winter landscape. White snow falling down from a light blue sky. Gray and blue forest background. Three snow covered trees with no leaves on the right snowy midground. Red flowers across the foreground at the bottom edge of the image.
Light, sage green background. Digital illustrations of pine trees with circle and diamond shapes above them located in the bottom left corner. The trees are different shades of green red, and cream. Some trees have polka dots.

Animated Gifs

A gif with a solid, dark green background with a illustration of floral wreath in gold leaves and red and light green flowers. The wreaths slight sways. 'Merry Christmas' appears and disappears from the center of the gif, inside the wreath. The words are in a cursive, script, yellow font.
A solid peach background. 'Happy new year' in white cursive letters reads in the center of the image slightly moving. Line drawings of fireworks burst in the background in the gif in gold red and navy colors.
A bright blue background small white snowflakes slowly falling fill the background of the gif. The purple, serif letters saying 'Happy' and the white cursive letters saying 'holidays' are revealed by maroon mittens with blue and orange horizontal squiggly lines in an arching motion.
Season's Greetings writes in cursive in gold at the top left side of the gif. White snow falls across the image over a blue background. A tree made out of white, flashing stars in the left side of the gif.