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Every business, school and nonprofit wants to cut costs and save money. Marketing and communications is one of the most popular bottom line items that organizations look at first for cost savings. Printed signage on the surface is cheaper than digital signage, but what are they really costing a business? What are the cost savings and benefits of digital signage over other forms of signage?

Recurring Changes to Signage

First, think about all the lists used day to day. Now ask, how many need updating frequently? What is the overall cost of continual reprints of this signage?

  • Pricing
  • Production lines
  • Inventory calculations
  • Sales figures
  • Employee Information

Businesses can be nervous about taking the leap into digital signage because of the initial costs. But the long term benefits of unlocking the full potential of advertising and business information is a huge return on investment. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the long term effects, cost savings and benefits of digital signage over printing.

Considering All The Outcomes

Visual signage plays an important role in the appearance of a business. That first impression, just like a first date or an interview, a business is immediately judged by the visual beauty of their website, spaces and signage. A business can be considered established or legitimate just by how it looks.  Printed signage can be beautiful, but when used for revolving lists, the cost for reproduction and installation can be prohibitive. Updates can be delayed because of the time consuming process of reprinting. If signage needs to be updated at multiple locations, you have the costs of shipping and installation. Also, you are limited to how many people see the signs.

Remote access from anywhere through the PWA feature has connected people. Scheduling content for pinpoint locations and updates. Viewing on any device. Not to mention the ability to show dynamic content of videos, interactive lists and maps, to name a few.  Digital content is only limited by the creativity of the digital team.

  • Pricing Lists

Restaurants and hospitality have easily transitioned into digital signage. Used to present fast food menus and ticketing for attractions. It was a natural fit because of the ability to remotely tap into the signs from anywhere to do updates.  Videos of food items, events or attractions visually attract customers and increase sales without the extra costs. Employees don’t have to explain  Que lines are faster and more customers can be served with digital interactive kiosks.  Bottom line is pricing can be updated to all locations with one easy remote login. No mistakes or delayed installations.

interactive digital signage wayfindingpricing digital signage chrome


  • Spreadsheet and Statistics

Many businesses use a CRM to track information internally.  Where digital signage can expand on a CRM, is getting the information into 1 easy spreadsheet or list, breaking down and simplifying sales figures, inventory, production schedules and support tickets.

Everything from stock pricing to production line statistics can be shared on digital signage. Anything from spreadsheets, videos, or Google integrations can be displayed. Automatic updates can be scheduled and multiple managers can update content for current and precise information.

  • Employee Information

Replace the bulletin boards, emails and other outlets for internal employee communications. Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and other items that get lost in the typical business communications. 

employee digital signage remote workThe connection during remote work and hybrid work is critical for employee retention. Information that was initially presented in an office environment can now be seen on employee computers through progressive web apps. Just like the apps on your phone, access to employee digital signage is seamless.  Updates can be done from anywhere for instant viewing on any employee device everywhere.  Employee information can also be accessible through a private link with a password. Track how many employees are logging in and when. 

Call centers using digital signage can show stats for wins / loses. How many customers are in the queue and reconnecting with former teams forced to work in remote situations. READ MORE

Hidden Benefits

Digital signage can add comfort and convenience for customers, employees and business owners. In the COVID remote work environment, there is a disconnected feeling in businesses.  Many employees BC (before COVID) relied on social interaction from their work groups. It supported their mental health.  Digital signage can help return some of the connections and improve mental health. READ MORE

Principal Financial Group reported Oct. 6 that 44 percent of business leaders say employee morale is declining due to the isolation many workers feel in their work-at-home environment.

digital signage senior living

  • TV channel in senior living centers can become a digital signage channel which allows residents to interact without leaving their rooms. Exercise classes, movies, daily schedules, menus are all part of the daily information. READ MORE
  • Automation of the wayfinding process in hospitals and facilities can be done through interactive digital signage. Maps can be transferred to phones for easy guidance through any building. Visitors are more relaxed when they can easily navigate a space. [LINK] Add interactive videos and biographies. Take it a step further with voice commands, Google translate and live help chats to keep things virtual and environmentally friendly and safe.
  • Digital donor recognition is a perfect example of increased ROI. Foundations and non-profits spend a lot of money to update static donor walls. Because of this, many donor walls don’t get updated. The addition of digital to any donor wall turns it into a marketing campaign and expands the giving possibilities.  Potential donors can learn about the needs of the particular projects.  Remote donors can view from anywhere and even view current donor lists. One step further, turns a donor wall into a place to automatically give.

Many businesses brag about their overall sales, but do they ever shout about their amazing cost savings? That they retained their employees and reduced the cost of employee training? How about celebrating that they automated the sales process, reducing the number of employees? There are so many hidden benefits of digital signage, when you begin to look at all the information you are trying to share.

you ask yourself “Why haven’t I done this sooner?”

Weighing Increased Profits Against Overall Costs

Smart business owners consider the overall increased profits and potential opportunities along with the cost outlay for signage and marketing. why digital signage

The initial cost of digital signage can be more than traditional signage. But, weigh it against the outcome. Decreasing time spent updating signage and getting the right information to the right people at the right time can increase profits, increase engagement, increase productivity.  Take the time to think through your digital signage project. In the end you will spend less money and your digital signage will last for years.  These steps will help you through implementation.

  1. Create a flowchart of where you want your digital signage to be accessible. Decide what you want to present at each location and to each audience.
  2. You need to buy commercial hardware that not only runs 24/7, but can be locked into kiosk mode to prevent hijacking of your digital signage. Do you need touchscreens, do you need surrounds?
  3. You want to remotely access hardware and software for the best possible experience. You want software that works in real time which gives you real viewing of your content. No preview mode. You want software that is easy to use and deploy.
  4. You want to gather a group of creative, dedicated people to keep the content fresh. You want to give them different administrative or management levels, to allow different levels of secure access.
  5. Try the software and go through a demonstration to understand all the features.

Bottom Line

Making any kind of transition during these unprecedented times is hard. Deciding not to do anything is easy, but the brave choice is making the leap. Change is hard, but not changing for a business, manufacturer, school or nonprofit is death. 

If you are already updating signage for pricing or lists, digital signage is an easy transition that will save time and money. If you already share information to remote employees, but your struggling for engagement, digital signage is the right choice. 

Start small with 1 or 2 locations. Once you get going, expanding is easy and the digital world is the future of everyday life. 

“Don’t fear change, embrace it.”