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Assisted Living, independent Living Care Centers and Senior Living Communities are a major transition of the future of the elderly. Part of the draw is the social engagement and the daily piece-of-mind for health and well-being of the residential communities. Through clear communication solutions for Senior Living Communities, Arreya Digital Signage Software Service seamlessly keeps every resident informed about events, dining options, healthcare visits and other important community updates without leaving their rooms. How to deploy digital communications for senior living? Engage residents through an internal cable channel with limited access from every internal television. Including public hallways, dining facilities and even elevators and lobbies. Elderly residents can stay informed even if they have limited mobility.

New Technology for Virtual Connections

senior living google hubWith the real life future of global pandemics and isolation protocol, elderly look to retirement communities to build very important social connections and protect their health. Technology has embraced the ability to interact with one another without actually being in the same room.  One device is the Google Hub Nest Max. It allows complete hands free interaction with all the luxuries of video calls, complete Google searches and Google Home App integration. An all-in-one computer. 

The development of Arreya Digital Signage always included the ability to view and update your digital content anywhere on any device, including tablets and phones. This makes it easy to integrate directly into a Senior Living Center using the resident televisions without per device fees or licensing like so many software services.  Most Retirement Communities already have a central networking room. Through HD Video Distribution Hardware, which Arreya can help recommend which hardware is best for your location, you can easily designate an unused cable channel as internal residential information. Much like hotels greet guests with their own television channel. You can instantly share daily information with your elderly residents.  Communications beyond antiquated telephones and personal visits.

What Do You Need to Create Your Own Digital Television Channel?

  1. Displays – 720p or better, 1080p preferred
  2. TV Distribution System – This can be over an existing coax network, inserted as a TV channel, though an IPTV distribution system, or other video distribution systems
  3. Content Delivery System – A Chromebox will feed the TV Distribution System
  4. Software – To Create, Schedule, and Manage content

Why is Arreya Digital Signage the Right Communication Platform?

Digital Information for the elderly is the Clear Communication Solutions for Senior Living Communities. It provides easier means for people with normal geriatric challenges, such as hearing loss and limited mobility to engage in daily life.

This is especially true when 25%-50% of retirement community residents suffer from obvious hearing loss. This makes digital signage the perfect solution to communicate with residents in your senior living community. Most senior citizens can still see well enough to watch television, and in digital signage, there is no maximum size for your display.  Position screens where the residents eat, in elevators, and in entrances to hallways and buildings to gain more awareness.

Digital Content Topics for Senior Living Communications

Activities and Entertainment – Musicians scheduled to perform, bingo, craft times, card club, day trips and group vacations. Keeping seniors active will keep their mind and body well. A main calendar of events can be added directly using Google calendar and Google sheets integration. Updates can be made by multiple staff members giving your digital signage content guaranteed new information. Even pre-schedule content days, weeks or months in advance. Pinpoint by time of day, even when there is multiple time zones to deal with.

Livestream Events – Many elderly have limited mobility and may not want to or are not capable of attending events scheduled by the community. Keep all your elderly residents involved by livestreaming events. Concerts, parties, and club meetings and even exercise classes can all be done virtually through the Arreya LiveStream feature.

Menus – Most senior living communities have dining room service for at least 2 meals per day. Keep your residents informed about the menu options a few days in advance. Feed your daily menu options directly into Arreya using Google sheets. No access to the Arreya platform is necessary, just link the corresponding Google sheet document.

Safety Information and Resources – How to call for help or services from their rooms or apartments, organizations that provide rides for appointments, and when the visiting nurses will be around for blood pressure checks. The latest safety protocol for COVID-19 pandemic or other critical communications. Keeping residents informed and calm during more secure living conditions.

Cleaning and Laundry Schedules – When can each area of the community expect laundry services or cleaning help. How do they sign up for services and who to contact if residents have maintenance needs within their apartments.

News Feeds – RSS feeds from online news feeds or populate your own community ticker to run across the bottom of the screen with the latest information and keep your residents informed. Quick updates can even be used to make instant communications.

Birthdays and Anniversaries – Special days are important, even as your residents reach their golden years. Make their day more special by letting everyone know they should wish them a great day.

Staff Members – Let your residents vote for their favorite staff members and give a sentence or two about why they stand out.  List the different staff and which duties they cover for the facility, giving the residents someone to call directly rather than going through the main desk.

Interactive Kiosks for Wayfinding

assisted living digital signageIn the main lobbies, hallways and common spaces, including elevators, public digital signage kiosks are useful tools for guests and residents. Interactive kiosks for touch wayfinding and virtual tours and donor recognition are easily and conveniently integrated. With the latest technology, touchfree interaction or facial and voice recognition could be installed. Providing germ free zones for high risk viewers.

Public space digital signage could include weather updates, local news and upcoming meetings or public events in the surrounding area. Making your digital content personal for each location.

Engaging Senior Residents for Mental Wellness

Deploying digital signage for Clear Communication Solutions for Senior Living Communities is the answer to elderly mental wellness. Instead of isolation and lonliness being the issue with senior living community residents, you engage and connect community members to each other. As with many elderly, their mental well being is a priority and giving them interaction and engaging content is necessary for daily life.

Your personal television channel is a marketing plus for bringing in new residents. It saves you time and money you normally spend for posters and other printed materials.

You can easily create a channel that plays your display to feed to your residents’ rooms with Arreya Digital Signage Suite. Because of the Arreya administration and management hierarchy built-in to the software, you can have multiple personnel making updates. Giving complete or specific management tasks to individuals. Login to your secure subscription from anywhere to view everywhere.