In March 2022 we received reports that some devices were frozen at the Arreya kiosk app splash screen accompanied with the message “Waiting for network connection…” As soon as the Arreya development team was made aware of the issue, we investigated using our test devices and determined the device failed to download the application from the Chrome Web Store even when it was connected to the internet. We promptly filed a bug in the Chromium bug tracker as it appeared to be a widespread issue.

Sometime in early 2022, Google released an update to the Chrome Web Store preventing devices on versions from 70 to 87 from downloading kiosk applications. This change was reverted on April 21, 2022, and further testing has verified the issue has been resolved.

Our development team closely monitors the Chromium development process and constantly tests Beta, Developer, and Canary channels in Chrome OS. However, this issue was changed on the server side of the Chrome Web Store so no preemptive action was possible. Technical information about the bug can be found here

This issue has since been resolved. If you are experiencing this issue, rebooting the device with an active internet connection should resolve the issue. If you have any questions, please contact support at or by calling 319-294-6671.