The biggest susceptibility to any hardware and software system is being out of date. This causes security and reliability problems. In order to keep up with exciting new technologies, and with new vulnerabilities being discovered daily, it is essential to keep your digital signage hardware up to date. Stay on top of your Chrome update expiration and hardware upgrades to ensure the best experience for you, your customers, and your employees.

Security As A Priority

cyber security chrome digital signageOne of Arreya’s core principles is to maintain a rolling update system with our software, which by design removes any issue of old software versions causing security holes and performance issues. Rolling updates mean that every time your media players, or your desktop checks in with Arreya, it will check to make sure it has the latest version, and automatically update and at no extra costs. One of the consequences of maintaining secure software is that old web platforms, and browsers will eventually stop working.  Leaving your system open to cyber attacks and hacks.

Another part of making your digital signage system secure and reliable is the operating system.  One of the reasons we recommend Chrome OS, was that it was built with security as a top priority from the very early stages of the project’s development, and Chrome devices go hand-in-hand with the Chrome team’s core security principles. As Chrome hardware becomes obsolete and new technologies are released, old devices will stop receiving rolling software updates from Google.

Google’s Guarantee With Their Hardware Partners

Google guaranteed 5 years (later increased to 6.5 years) of software updates and support from component manufacturers for each new platform released.  ASUS, Aopen, HP, and other Chrome Enterprise hardware manufactures partner with Google to give the most secure and reliable hardware in the digital signage industry. This meant that any new features, security issues, and performance fixes would be available for the platform for that time period. After the Auto Update Expiration (AUE) date, the platform will not receive updates from Google, and component manufacturers may not provide any support for hardware issues. Google provide more information and a list of these dates at

Even though a device has reached its life expectancy, and it no longer receives support or software updates, it may continue to work fine, but there is no longer a guarantee from the software or hardware manufacturer. This means that a device could stop working tomorrow, and Google or the device manufacturer, may not fix the issue. Although it may seem like a burden to replace hardware, it won’t last forever and keeping your hardware up to date is a core requirement for a successful digital signage system.

Time Versus Money

hardware replacement chromeThere’s a few things to think about when looking at your Chrome update expiration and hardware upgrades.  Looking at your existing hardware and determining when it’s time to replace old hardware. The safest way to ensure your digital signage system continues to function smoothly, would be to pick a new platform and replace your hardware as soon as it reaches the AUE date. This can sometimes be cost prohibitive, and can require effort to replace the devices depending on the size of your installation. You can also choose to purchase new devices as old ones fail, although this can lead to downtime as a reactive fix instead of a proactive device replacement. Continuing to use old devices can lead to security and reliability issues that you should weigh while making the decision.

Where To Find Your Auto Update Expiration (AUE) Date

You can look at when your hardware is going to stop receiving updates by visiting You can also log into your Google Admin console and look at the “Auto-update Expiration” column in the Chrome devices section of the dashboard.Arreya digital signage auto update expiration

One thing to consider when purchasing new Chrome devices is the Auto Update Expiration date. Researching the platform beforehand and determining the AUE date will help you plan and budget for a replacement down the road. 

There are many Google Chrome devices on the market. Even though we said good-bye to the Chromebit and other computer sticks this last year, the new devices on the market are more powerful, are built for rugged 24/7 use and have more ports. They all give consumers more options, more potential and still in a small package.

Power In Partnerships

New Chromebox Digital Signage hardwareThrough partnerships with Google, ASUS and Aopen, Arreya has access to new digital signage devices and rigorously tests them prior to release. By doing this, Arreya ensures that the devices we list in our online store and provide to our clients are the best platforms to contribute to your successful digital signage project. NEW ASUS FANLESS CHROMEBOX

Hardware updates and upgrades are a fundamental component of having a secure and reliable digital signage project.