Give employees, patients and those who have been directly affected by COVID-19, the recognition they deserve. Digital recognition displays that combine information, donor lists, events and other information go beyond the traditional recognition wall.

Find out the importance of digital donor recognition, employee recognition and memorial recognition

The world is entering a markedly new era that will be shaped by the sudden, global spread of COVID-19, more commonly known as coronavirus. This era will lead to changes in medicine, how we do business, personal interactions and the way we relate. As we struggle to understand how this virus developed, how to fight it and how to move forward, we should take the time to remember those we have lost so far, and thank those who have fought on the front lines to care for the sick and protect the health.  Celebrate the heroes and honor the lost with Covid-19 digital recognition displays for employee recognition and memorials.

healthcare heroes digital recognitionIn the past, our way of remembering and honoring has been to erect physical monuments and commemorate those who volunteered time, effort and money with plaques and donor walls. Entering a post-COVID world, we see the need to build these memorials and monuments, digitally. In the virtual world, anyone and everyone can be present, creating a wider reaching visual platform. We are seeing a shift in how hospitals, schools and civic centers are wanting to reach their communities. 

With a digital platform, such as ARREYA, the information can be formatted to work on multiple devices at once, from a small phone screen to a large 70” touch screen monitor. These platforms offer the ability to share information, donor names, employees, history and memorial tributes. See more with our YouTube video. They also allow for continuous updates, whenever the user desires. This unlocks potential that memorials and donor walls have never been able to provide before, real-time updates as-they-happen and the ability to share this with anyone around the world. 

Who Should I Recognize and Honor?

employee recognition covid-19As we are seeing, it takes many people to combat a pandemic such as the one currently taking hold. First responders such as EMT’s, emergency room doctors and nurses are directly treating cases and are spending many hours, and sometimes days, on their feet. Separated from family and friends, they are putting their own health on the line to care for others. Hospital support staff; janitors, food service cooks and servers, hospital cleaning staff, reception and administrators are making sure that healthcare employees have the proper supplies, clean facilities and are kept in good health. touchscreen kiosk donor recognition covid-19

People who are donating PPE, canned goods, time and money to make sure that hospitals and clinics are staying up to speed in order to combat the virus. Making sure that those donations don’t go unnoticed will lead to better harmony with the surrounding community and stronger engagement for future needs. 

Why Is It Important to Memorialize Victims of the Pandemic?

This day-in-age, it is vital to create transparency in order to solve problems and move forward, effectively making change. Memorializing victims of COVID individually is a departure from monuments of the past that dealt with victims as ‘lost souls’ and ‘population loss’. Individually telling stories humanizes the issue and helps to break down the scope of the tragedy in order to reach viewers personally. It provides relatability. Cloud-based software has the ability to not only list victims, but provide personal information as a family would be willing to make public. Information such as how an individual was active in the community, where they worked and interesting hobbies that they had, can be included in a way similar to how the obituary section of a newspaper has worked in the past. 

As an historical marker, it is vital to remember the lost and the totals due to this pandemic. COVID-19 is not likely to go away any time soon, and more importantly, side effects are proving to be deadly in their own right. Deaths related to COVID are likely to stretch years meaning that living memorials, which can be updated are going to become the norm.  See more ideas on our website donor recognition wall.