Positive Impacts of Digital Signage for Manufacturing Facilities

Positive Impacts of Digital Signage for Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities thrive on efficient practices and well organized logistics. Communication is an essential factor in keeping employees safe and effective in their roles. Digital signage is a revolutionary tool, improving operations management, and streamlining communications in the manufacturing industry.

Safety and Compliance

It’s important for manufacturing facilities to comply with local, state, and federal regulations. Part of that compliance often includes displaying mandatory safety videos and stretching routines. Operations managers are using digital signage to schedule required materials, like safety videos, to play at the appropriate times. Videos are scheduled  in advance, and changes are quick and easy to make. Displaying the right content at the right time is simplified with recurring scheduling.

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It’s imperative that manufacturing organizations have emergency preparedness plans in place. Alerting software is one of the most valuable tools on the market for deploying emergency messaging quickly and efficiently. Tools like Singlewire Informacast and Alertus are trusted by manufacturers to keep their employees safe. In the event of an emergency like a fire, lockdown situation, or inclement weather, alerting software integrates with digital signage, deploying emergency messaging to all screens simultaneously with one click. Evacuation procedures and routes are displayed, and messaging updates are instantaneous. 

Increased Productivity

Digital signage has proven to increase productivity in manufacturing facilities by displaying real-time performance metrics. These displays allow employees to monitor performance in real-time, allowing quick reactions and efficient production control. Additionally, using digital signage to highlight key performance indicators (KPIs) can help motivate employees, fostering a positive and productive work environment.

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Streamlined Operations

Having a tool that can consolidate communications in a manufacturing facility can save on administrative time and resources. Digital signage eliminates the need to print, distribute and post signages, which reduces the time and labor costs. Scheduling content in advance allows leadership to be more proactive with their messaging. Employees receive updates on shift schedules, absentees, employee recognition programs, workplace policies, and much more.

Valuable Communication Tool

Digital signage is an excellent tool, used to enhance productivity, streamline operations, improve communications, and promote safety in manufacturing facilities. It is a valuable investment for companies that wish to maximize their efficiency and productivity in a competitive industry.

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How to Use Digital Signage for Manufacturing Operations

How to Use Digital Signage for Manufacturing Operations

Efficiency is key to success in the manufacturing industry. Everything from employee schedules, training and onboarding, equipment location and maintenance, and energy usage needs to be tracked and planned carefully. Manufacturing organizations are using digital signage to streamline communication, and to make operations more efficient. 

Monitoring Plant Energy Usage

manufacturing digital signage statisticsOrganizations are being pushed to be more energy efficient and environmentally, now more than ever before. Energy and material usage not only affects the global environment, but bottom lines as well.  Digital signage is an excellent tool for manufacturing organizations to monitor their usage of water, electricity, natural gas, or any other material of value. Making data on energy consumption more transparent helps to inform decisions.


Improve Employee Communications

manufacturing digital signage PWAManufacturing firms need a way to organize and display complex scheduling information across multiple shifts and departments. AppSheet combined with a powerful digital signage software, creates customizable scheduling applications for individual manufacturers needs. AppSheet creates the schedule and its structure, and digital signage software makes it accessible to any permitted person with stable internet access.  Arreya integrates with AppSheet and other Google products for easy, automated updates.

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Display Safety Protocols and Metrics

warehouse safety digital signageSafety of employees and visitors is of utmost importance for manufacturers. Safety guidelines and industry standards must be followed at all times to prevent liability and injury.

Manufacturers use digital signage software to regularly update their safety videos and procedures. Employees can clearly see safety requirements at all times, whether they are on location, or permitted to view content from their own devices. Rules and regulations change from state to state, so large manufacturers spanning several states or countries may use separate channels of digital signage content in order to keep regulations current and accurate based on location. 


Company-Wide Scalability

Manufacturing organizations need tools that allow them to display information on thousands of screens, nationwide, and all across the globe in some instances. Channel-based digital signage pricing allows them to play one monthly fee to display the same content on unlimited screens. Channel-based pricing makes digital signage much more scalable for manufacturers than per-screen pricing. 

Inventory Management

digital signage manufacturing industry equipmentIt’s critical to the success of a business to have all the inventory and equipment they need to be fully operational. Manufacturing firms are using digital signage to display real time inventory data. They even set up alerts to notify them when they are running low on inventory. They use this data to place orders, and they also use it to set proper expectations for clients and vendors.

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Streamline Operations with Digital Signage

manufacturing digital signageGetting the right people, equipment, and resources to the right place at the right time is tough. Manufacturing organizations need to plan with precision to operate with optimal efficiency. Digital signage is a valuable tool for manufacturers to keep on top of inventory, equipment maintenance and staffing. Communication and accurate data are vital for success in manufacturing. Digital signage presents realtime data to everyone who needs it, without compromising security.