Using Digital Signage for Banks

Using Digital Signage for Banks

Financial institutions are faced with the challenge of building a strong degree of trust with their clients. Strong enough trust that clients trust them with a large portion, if not all of their wealth. Banks and credit unions are using digital signage to display professionalism and vital information. They leverage technology to communicate more effectively and build lasting credibility with clients.

Internal Digital Signage for Banks

Banks use digital signage as a tool to communicate internally on a daily basis. Everyone clearly sees announcements and reminders, and updates take little to no time. Banks and credit unions are subject to strict regulations, and they’re consistently being audited. Digital signage is used to display banking laws and regulations as well as upcoming changes to existing requirements. 

There are so many options for working locations and it is common to have employees across the globe. This makes clear communications critical. Easily communicate between branches and include WFH work from home employees with the Arreya PWA progressive web app feature.  Connect your vision and mission with clear internal messages across multiple locations.

Customer Facing Digital Signage for Banks

Digital signage is a great tool for banks and credit unions to advertise to their customers. They display current interest rates, CD offerings, and investment options.

Banks use digital signage to display infotainment content like news, weather, and sports as well. Many of them use content feeds like SCREENFEED and DATACALL to pull in fresh content on a daily basis. Customers use interactive digital signage to check account balances and settings. This saves time and money by freeing up some responsibility from bank employees and gives clients more direct control over their money. 

Display Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become an important focal point for businesses in general, but specifically in the financial sector. Stakeholders expect banks and credit unions to use their money in honest ways, and they also expect them to give back to their communities.

Digital signage is an excellent tool to display CSR programs and philanthropic activities, because pictures and videos of charitable actions really illustrate the impact of their work.  All of these efforts visually represent the bank in a positive way to the clients and employees.

Secure Communication Tools

Banks and credit unions are high value targets for both physical and cyber attacks. They need tools that are secure and reliable. Chrome devices are excellent for digital signage, because they have built in security features. Those features include verified boot and automatic updates. Banks and credit unions using Chrome devices for sensitive data have confidence in the stability, security, and reliability of data access. LEARN about using Chrome digital signage.

Build Credibility with Cutting Edge Technology

Trust is extremely important in the financial industry. Investors and clients need financial institutions they can rely on regardless of market volatility. Banks and credit unions have fiduciary responsibilities to their clients, and they need to maintain a high level of transparency, honesty, and accountability.

Banks use digital signage to clearly communicate quarterly earnings and financial decisions. They display board meeting notes and important announcements so clients can clearly understand how their money is being used throughout the year. 

Better Technology in Banks

Banks and credit unions need reliable technology to run efficiently and securely. They also have responsibilities to their clients. Banks need to be transparent, and they have an obligation to maximize wealth for their clients. Banks and credit unions use digital signage software to effectively communicate to all stakeholders, both internal and external. Clients enjoy the convenience that digital signage adds to their banking experience, and they are protected with robust security features built into digital signage hardware. Overall, digital signage is an excellent tool for the financial industry, and it’s being used in the market today more than ever before.