Finally, a digital signage partner who gets it.

Starting a digital signage program is a lot to take on. With Arreya you can get everything you need; from software that streamlines content creation and publishing, to custom branded displays and screen enclosures. Oh yeah, you got this!

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Award-Winning Software

Get Ready For Faster Design

With Arreya you have all the tools you need to create custom designs and messages with a click.

Arreya’s digital signage software was developed to make graphic design and content creation easy for anyone. The straight forward user interface is drag-and-drop and the Creative Studio is a fully-loaded design suite comparable to any graphic design tool on the market today.

Publish Content in Seconds

Once your presentation is ready, publishing to a screen is all handled in same platform.

All your devices are paired to the Arreya platform. When you push the “Live” button, it automagically updates every one of your screens. What you see in the Creative Studio editor, is exactly what’s on your screens. It’s really that simple.


Remote Management from a Single Dashboard

Easily manage account and signage updates from the Arreya main dashboard.

From this single location your team admin can see if all devices are online, add or remove devices and refresh screens. They can also manage users and preferences-all remotely and online from the convenience of any desktop computer from work or home.

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Display Services

Custom Fabricated Kiosks
Highlight Your Brand

One of the things that sets Arreya apart is our in-house custom engineering and fabrication team that designs and builds unique kiosks for our customers.

We can create a kiosk to give your brand incredible visibility for any theme or idea. If you can imagine it, our team can build it. Never pre-fabricated, you get a great product from our professional team who care about quality and the longevity of your investment.

Choose a Partner with 20+ Years of Display Expertise

At Arreya, we have an in-house team that creates and builds custom screen surrounds for customers across the country.

Our team has decades of experience bringing customer’s ideas to life. If you can imagine it, we can build a one-of-a-kind impactful visual experience for your brand and audience. If you’re looking for just a dimensional display, we can do that too. Let us craft a screen environment for you that will wow your audience. 

Make It Easy To Navigate Your Campus

Wayfinding is an important tool for any organization with multiple buildings or large facilities.

It’s important that where you post wayfinding screens is visible and easily accessible. Our team at Arreya can map your campus with ADA compliant signage and for easy navigation. Then we can design and fabricate everything, including the right screen enclosure, to ensure your wayfinding or touchscreens make every environment user-friendly.

What do you get with Arreya software?

A fully-loaded digital signage, content creation, and publishing suite anyone can effortlessly use.

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• Drag and Drop Design
• Cloud-Based
• Chrome Recommended and Ready
• Media Library
• Customize Messaging Board
• Free Templates
• Easy Dashboard
• Live Updates and Edits
• Easily Manage Screens Remotely
• Push Content To Mobile Devices
• Effortlessly Craft Touchscreen Signage
• Custom Design Support

A feature-rich solution with too many benefits to count. 

Engage your audience on devices plus support all your
digital signage needs from a single platform.

Let’s face it, you need everything in your technology wheelhouse to pull its weight. With Arreya, our robust digital signage software maximizes your investment to give you easy content creation, touchscreen capabilities, and remote publishing–plus the ability to push messages to all your devices. It’s cloud-based, secure, Chrome-ready, and an IT team’s dream come true.

The proof is in the platform.

We know we can ramble on when it comes to how great our software is.
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We support some of the nation’s leading organizations. 

"The software works perfectly, the Arreya admin panel is easy to use and you can quickly create, update content and deliver it instantly to all devices in the field."

Robyn P.

IT Director

"I really like how this digital signage software is super user friendly and instantly updates to all of the screens at our stores as soon as I push new changes live. "

Shira W.

Marketing Manager

"Easy enough to use that digital signage doesn’t have be to an IT burden & can be handed off to other employees to maintain; but still offers all features & functionally. "

Jon E.

Systems Administrator

Just a few of the services we provide our customers.



Let us guide you through the steps to complete your digital display on time and on budget.



One on one customer training on your digital signage content.



Our team of designers and engineers blends form, function and artistry into every display.



Using today’s modern creation methods our displays are focused on quality and durability.



Hardware resources and integration development for a complete, personal solution.



Whether the Arreya team or yours, we help you through every step to get displays running.

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