Building on our Why Chrome for signage? video, here is a whitepaper from IDC with some very compelling statistics on Chrome device Kiosk Mode value vs. PC digital signage.

From the highlights on the first page – Chrome Device Kiosk Mode Value

  • 319% Three-year ROI
  • $10,013 Three-year discounted benefits per device
  • 61.1% Lower device cost
  • 62.4% More efficient ongoing device management
  • 90.1% Fewer reboots
  • 80.7% Less productive time lost for employees due to device-related problems

Your IT team will love you for it.

“With the Chrome management console supporting their use of Chrome devices as kiosks, these organizations reported requiring 59.5% less IT staff time to deploy and 62.4% less time to manage and support Chrome devices than the devices they replaced (see Table 2).”

Read the full whitepaper below, or click here to learn more about Arreya & Kiosk devices.