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When Reliable and Secure Digital Signage Software Matters

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The Arreya difference.

Here’s what’s driving customers to Arreya Digital Signage.

Intuitive Digital Signage Software

Intuitive Design Software

Digital Signage Software with Effortless Deployment

Effortless Deployment

Digital Signage Software with Affordable Scalability

Affordable Scalability

High Level Security Digital Signage Design Software

High Level Security

US Navy Client using Digital Signage
UPH Unity Point Health Hospital Healthcare Digital Signage Healthcare Digital Signage Arreya Digital Signage
Chrome Digital Signage Client Mount Mercy University Education Digital Signage Schools University Digital Signage Arreya Digital Signage Software
Chrome Digital Signage Display at Medico Assa Abloy Digital Signage Kiosk Digital Signage Arreya Digital Signage Software

Simply Create and Manage

The Arreya Creative Studio allows you to login and easily create custom content. Make content for any format including touchscreen, portrait, and video walls.

  • Includes dynamic integrations
  • Start with pre-made templates
  • Import data from Google Apps
  • Free access to media from Pixabay
  • Easy to make interactive content

Affordable Scalability

Arreya’s unique channel pricing allows you to freely add devices without adding cost. This means that one channel of content can be viewed on 1 to 100,000+ screens as well as on any internet connected device.

  • Month-to-month subscription for a channel of content
  • No per device licenses or fees
  • Progressive Web App feature for computers, phones, and tablets
  • Remotely manage and update content from anywhere

“I appreciate that if we ever have any questions, concerns, or problems the team will ALWAYS take the time to help.”

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Secure Digital Signage Software

Powerful and Reliable

Have confidence that your digital signage message is being seen. Also Arreya is a WYSIWYG with real time instant updates and viewing from your Arreya editor to all devices.

  • Instantly push or pre-schedule content
  • Complete offline mode viewing with cached content
  • Free live tech support included with your subscription
  • Monitor device health and interactive analytics

Enterprise-Level Security

Our partnership with Google Chrome Enterprise brings together the power of Chrome devices and CEM Management into one platform.

  • Lock devices in kiosk mode for complete tamper resistant signage
  • Remotely monitor and reboot your devices
  • Arreya exceeds the EU and American cybersecurity standards
  • Robust durability and high-quality performance of Chrome devices
ASUS Fanless Chromebox New Technology Enterprise Level Security Top Notch Security Devices 2021 Without Background

Healthcare • Employee Communications • Retail • Government • Education • Donor Recognition • More

Digital Signage Software for Digital Display Kiosks
Digital Signage Software for Healthcare Digital Signage
Digital Signs Software for Doctor Directories
Digital Signage Software for Retail Usage
Digital Signage Software for Interactive Donor Recognition Wall
Digital Signage Software for Education and Schools

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US Navy Client using Digital Signage
Chrome Digital Signage Client Mount Mercy University

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