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Hot pink background with an overlayed pattern of witch hats, pumpkins, bats, lightning bolts, stars, and dots. Illustrated spooky objects make letters that read 'Halloween' in the center of the image. Zombie bones make the 'H' and 'N'. Witch hat 'A', candle 'L's, moon 'O', bat 'W', and pumpkin 'E's. Two white spider webs flank black letters in a shaky font spell trick or treat.

Background Videos

Daylight Savings November 6
Veterans Day November 11
Black Friday November 25


An AI image of a woman shoulders up, with her head tilted back, mouth wide open in laughter with her eyes closed. She is wearing a mock necked top that melts into the background behind her. The top and background look as if they are made out of think paint. The paint is black, red, yellow, green, blue, and purple streak,and dots mixing together. On the right, part of a solid black circle covers the image. In the circle, bold, all-caps, white, sans letters read 'April Fools Day!'.
An AI image of a commemorative ribbon made out of green, yellow, red, and blue puzzle pieces site in the center of the image on a white background with a black vignette. A transparent black rectangle horizontally crosses the center of the image. Inside the rectangle reads 'World Autism Awareness Day' left aligned on the left, and 'accept, understand, love' stacked left aligned on the right. A white vertical line separates the two word sections. All words are typed in white, rounded capped, sans letters. In the same font, in the bottom left corner, reads 'April 2nd'.
A solid white background with a line drawing of a small black dog wearing a blue bow tie, and a white cat with a red heart stand next to each other on the right side of the image. The cat holds a large umbrella over itself and the dog. The umbrella has one yellow, blue, green, and red panels with white panels in between each color. 'World Autism Awareness Day April Second' in black, rounded, sans letters is center aligned to the left of the line drawing. A black line separates 'World Autism Awareness Day' from the date below it.
'World Health Day' reads boldly in the center of the image. 'World' and 'Day' are in white letters. 'Health' is in red letters on top of a white clip art banner. All words are in all-caps, sans letters. All on a solid red background.
White background with cute line art illustrations of the vertical side edges of medical equipment. 'World Health Day' in all caps, purple, sans, bold letters sits center aligned in the center of the image. Above the words, in a red rectangle, reads 'April 7' in all-caps, white, sans letters. The illustrations are outlined in purple with details in red and peach. Some illustrations are test tubes, shots, ambulance, and more.
A light, dusty pink background with a black pencil illustration of three young kids on the left, center side. The oldest of the kids is sitting holding the youngest kid in their lap. The third kid is behind the others and is looking at the youngest. All of them are laughing and smiling. On the right are words left aligned in black, serif, typewriter letters. Larger and bolder, at the top of the paragraph, reads 'Happy National Sibling day | 04/10'. Below, in smaller letters, says 'While friendships come and go, you're stuck with your siblings. This relationship is oftentimes one of the longest relationships on a person's life.'
A yellow background with the words 'Happy National Sibling Day!' in large letters starting on the left side of the image. A vertical line separates the next words on the right side of the image saying 'April 10'. The words are in a bold, blue, italic, sans font. At the bottom of the image are five kids laughing. The first three kids on the left are holding hands and skipping. There is a two boys, with dark brown hair. The first is wearing blue; the second green. Thirdly, a girl with long tan hair wears a red and white striped shirt. On the right there is a boy and girl. The girl, with dark brown hair up a ponytail, is running, and wearing a white shirt and blue skirt. The boy, with tan hair, is jumping up and is wearing yellow.
A solid gold colored background with the words 'Happy National Pet Day' typed in a rounded end-capped, white, sans letters on the left center of the image. On the right side an orange furry animal's arm stretches up from the bottom of the image. It's white paw makes a heart with two of its fingers. A red heart appears above the paw.
A white cat, gray toy poodle, a tan and white corgi, and another white cat are sitting facing forward, except for the right cat which is laying down and looking to its left. The animals are sitting on a bright pink background. A white clipart speech bubble with a black outline is coming from the corgi. It says 'Happy National Pet Day!' in black, sans letters.
A watercolor image sits on the left side of the image with white paper textured background. The painting is of a young girl, with long brown hair and wearing round glasses, sits on top of a large stack of books. She is looking forward, smiling, and is holding a red book open in her lap. The stack of books as many different colors of covers, such as red, blue, green, orange, and many more. To the right of the image is the words 'National Library Week April 4–13'. The font used is a watercolor, script font, center aligned, and in a brown color.
An illustration of a full bookshelf filling the center and bottom of the image horizontally edge to edge. The shelf is navy, and the books are various colors. The books are shades of blues, reds, oranges, and purples. Above the books are illustrations of tulips and leaves sprouting up. At the top reads 'National Library Week | 7-13' in a purple, serif font. All on top of a pale pink, beige background.
A pale yellow background, with the words saying 'National Banana Day' are stacked in the center and fill the image. 'National' and 'Day' are in a olive green, bold, retro, script font. An image of a banana fills the center of the image horizontally. The word 'Banana' is spelled out in the banana image by the same color of the background on top.
A pale yellow background filled with banana illustrations.
Pale yellow background with a clipart, half peeled, yellow banana with a surprised face and pink cheeks in the bottom left corner. 'National Banana Day!' reads left aligned, right of the banana in the center of the image. In the bottom right corner reads '04/17'. The words are gold in color, same as the banana peel. They are in a sans serif with rounded end caps.
A clipart image of a globe is on the left side of the image, with a solid gold colored background. The globe of the Earth is on a brown stand. It has dark blue water, and the land that is showing North and South America. Large regions or land are distinguished by colors, such as light blue, light pink, red-pink, green, orange, and light purple. On the right the words 'Happy Earth Day April 22' are in white sans letters with a black outline.
A bright blue background with the a teal and green Earth globe in the center of the image. On the top and bottom edges of the Earth sit a white, fluffy cloud. The words 'Happy Earth Day' are left aligned in large, all-caps, white, sans letters crossing horizontally over the globe. Below the word 'Day' is the date '04/22' in the same letters, but smaller.
An image of blue denim fabric. In the center is a heart shaped patch in the same denim. The patch is outlined in navy stitches, light blue border, and white 'X' stitches on the outside.
In the center of the image is six green line art trees in various shades and sizes. Below reads 'HAPPY' in brown, sans letters. Below that says 'ARBOR DAY' in green, serif letters. All on a solid white background.
An illustration of a tree, which leaves form into a rectangular shape, and has four yellow birds sitting in it. To the right side reads 'April 26' a horizontal line, then 'Arbor Day' in white, all-caps, sans, bold letters. All on a dark gray background.
A close-up image of green leafed branches at the bottom edge. The rest of the image is blurred out in shades of green and tan.
An image of old watercolor paper. In the bottom right corner is an illustration of a person, waist up, wearing a horizontal blue and white striped shirt, and yellow, hooded raincoat, standing in the rain.
An image of pink cherry blossom branches against a dusty, light blue sky. Overlayed on top filling the right side of the image is a round shape with a wavy edge in the same blue as the sky.

Animated Gifs

On a white background, in the center of the gif, sits a jester's hat in purple, green, yellow, and red sections with a gray bottom edge and pom poms. The hat breaks apart and morphs into the words 'April Fools'.
A gif with a light blue background. 'World Autism Awareness Day' is written, centered, in black letters at the top edge. A 2D illustration of a heart made out of blue, red, and yellow puzzle pieces fills the rest of the image center. Three hands come into the image from the sides and bottom edge. Each hand adds a missing puzzle piece to the heart.
A navy background with a spinning blue water and green land globe of the Earth in the center. Horizontally over the center of the Earth is a white banner that reads 'Happy World Health Day' in all-caps, navy, sans, written letters.
On the left side, little boy, wearing blue, sits on his knees, laughing, facing the right. On the right, a girl, wearing orange clothes and red glasses, sits on her knees, smiling, facing towards the boy on the left. The kids are clapping each others hands. Above the kids says 'National Sibling Day' in bold, blue, sans letters. Below the kids, in the same letters, but smaller and not bold, says 'April 10'.
On the left side if the gif sits and smiling, orange hamster. Seven more hamsters appear one on top of the other stacking up the side of the image before coming back down and disappearing. The other hamsters' colors in order from bottom to top are gray, pink, green, yellow, tan, hot pink, and light blue. The words National Pet Day!' read to the right of the hamsters in white, all-caps, serif font. All on a light blue background.
A gif saving 'Love our LOCAL' words tilted to the left at the top if the gif in a dull red color and script font. Below the word 'Library' appears and disappears. This word is pink and in the same font as the other words. All on top of a solid black background.
A gif of the Earth with blue water, green land, and a little drawn on in black a smiling mouth and blinking dot eyes. Small green sprouts grow from the top of the Earth. The words 'Happy Earth Day' appear one by one in white, written letters with a black drop shadow horizontally across the center of the Earth and GIF. The space around the Earth is teal with white, dot starts sporadically moving around.
A gif with alternating green and gold background. Two hands making thumbs up meet together in the middle of the image when the background is gold and separate when its green. The hands are wearing green gardening gloves with an icon of a tree in a circle on the back of the hand. The word 'Happy' in a script font changes the alternate color of the background. Below reads 'Arbor Day!' in white, bold, sans, all caps letters that don't change.