We help Mary Greeley Medical Center provide information to patients and visitors, and recognize donors. Displays are placed in hallways, waiting rooms and patient rooms.


Hospitals and Medical Clinics – Digital Signage

Create and play messaging to patients, visitors and employees with Arreya Digital Signage Suite.

Easily display to screens in waiting rooms, hallways, elevators, cafeterias and patient rooms.

Push content instantly and update all your screens with current content to all locations.

Remotely managed from anywhere to control a network of displays.

Top Features Hospitals Use in Their Digital Signage


Advertise your hospital’s technology, department specialties, or recognize the medical professional of the month for outstanding service in an attractive slideshow presentation.

Google Calendar

Keep patients and visitors informed about upcoming events, classes and opportunities to learn more about health and healthcare.


Keep visitors and staff posted on the latest or current weather, road conditions and forecasts with Arreya’s weather widget. It is good to know what you will step into when you step out the door.

Twitter Feed

Keep patients and visitors updated on the latest hospital news by displaying your Twitter feed on your digital signage display. Arreya will pull your feed in automatically for up to the moment updates.

YouTube Video

Use your hospital’s video content that is already on YouTube, or even livestream YouTube videos video to hospital digital signage for visitors and patients to watch during their wait or stay.

Enhanced Experience

Give visitors interesting information about health and wellness to read as they wait for an appointment or loved-ones to recover. Show how your services are different.

Promote Involvement

Set up displays in rooms so patients know when special events are, what meals will be delivered or what is happening in the

Interactive Display

Create touch screen donor recognition displays to thank donors and promote new giving. This can be a stand-alone display, or part of a larger physical donor wall.


A Simple Signage Solution Using Chrome

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Chromebit with Management

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A Chromebit plugs into  each screen to display your presentation.

Screen with Mount

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Purchase what you need or use your existing screens.

Chrome Devices - Best Digital Signage Experience

Advanced yet Reliable

Chrome is the operating system that supports and runs devices based on the same easy-to-use design that has made Google a leading internet browser.

Powerful yet Affordable

Chrome devices are actual computers manufactured by leading brands including; AOpen, HP, Dell, ASUS and Acer providing all the speed, simplicity, and power you will need for your digital signage.

Complete Management

Sign into your cloud-based management console from anywhere. Keep tabs on every screen with automatic alerts. Change content at will and say goodbye to downtime and outdated displays.

Arreya in Healthcare

“Presentations (Arreya) has been helpful and on the cutting edge of building a system for our electronic donor wall.”

Tonya Arnold

Marketing, UnityPoint - St. Luke’s Hospital Foundation

“We never imagined getting digital
signage up and running would
be this simple.”

Jason Mortvedt

Marketing, Mary Greeley Medical Center