We help Franklin Middle School
inform students and
celebrate achievements
with digital signage.

How to Use Arreya in Your School

– Put digital signage in the cafeteria and hallways. Save on reams of paper previously used for signage and reminders.

– Keep messaging organized and easy to read as students and staff walk through the halls.

– Share your digital signage display link with parents, so they can stay informed too.

– Broadcast concerts and plays when the auditorium is full.

 Digital Signage For Schools

Easily create content with Google Apps you already know and love.

Google Slideshow

Have Google Slides run in your signage. Anyone with access to Google Slides can instantly make changes to the screens without having to access the Arreya signage software.

Google Calendar

Sync Google Calendar to your display. A calendar can rotate or be interactive so people can swipe to dates. Updates to Google Calendar will instantly change on  screens.

Google Sheets

Add lists, events and menus to your school’s digital signage easily, with automatic updates from Google Sheets. You don’t even have to sign into Arreya to make changes to Google Sheets content.

6 Ways to  handle content in Arreya for better student engagement.


Daily happenings and announcements are quick and simple to add through the cloud-based creative suite. You can even pre-schedule content to play on specific days.

Alert Messages

Quickly send an alert to all your screens. It immediately plays over your current content. Remove the alert and your screens return to playing your scheduled content.

Daily Lunch Menu

By setting up a spread sheet with weekly or monthly menus the screens will automatically change each day to list what is for lunch.

Twitter Feeds

Link any Twitter feed to display on your screens. If your school has its own Twitter feed it can easily be incorporated into your signage as a ticker or content block.

Livestream Video

Play a live video on your screens. Now a championship game, live announcement or school show can be on display. Share the link and students and relatives who can’t make it to the event can watch.

Interactive Content

Engage students, faculty and visitors with  interactive content. Easily add touchpoints and pages for various content including, interesting facts, teacher bios, directional maps or school history.

Engage Students

Digital signage is an attractive and cost effective way to keep kids interested in what is going on at school and in the community around them.

Promote Events

Get students to sign up for activities and athletics with reminders about teams and clubs. Entice them to try new things!

Share Information

From lunch menus to concert times, students want to know, and digital signage placed in common areas and hallways is simple and effective.

Student Recognition

Let great students and teachers inspire their peers and colleages by calling out their successes on digital signage. Kudos to a job well done!

Chrome Devices - Best Digital Signage Experience

Advanced yet Reliable

Chrome is the operating system that supports and runs devices based on the same easy-to-use design that has made Google a leading internet browser.

Powerful yet Affordable

Chrome devices are actual computers manufactured by leading brands including; AOpen, HP, Dell, ASUS and Acer providing all the speed, simplicity, and power you will need for your digital signage.

Complete Management

Sign into your cloud-based management console from anywhere. Keep tabs on every screen with automatic alerts. Change content at will and say goodbye to downtime and outdated displays.

Great Pricing Model for Schools & Universities!

Arreya Subscription

● $69.50 per channel of content.

● Complete creative suite for presentation design.

● Display on unlimited number of devices

● Monthly or annual billing options available.


Chrome Device Management

● Special Education Price for the life of the Chrome device

● Makes it easy to remotely monitor the health of your devices

● Lock them down in kiosk mode, reboot, power on and off

● Remotely capture screenshots to view what
is being displayed.


A Simple Signage Solution Using Chrome

And this is ALL YOU NEED to Get Started

Arreya Subscription

Starting at $69.50/month

Subscribe and create your content channel!

Chromebit with Management

Contact us for current pricing.

A Chromebit plugs into  each screen to display your presentation.

Screen with Mount

Contact us for current pricing.

Purchase what you need or use your existing screens.

“We are very happy with the [Arreya] system. It has been easy to update and create attractive displays.”

Joseph McCurdy

Assistant Principal, Oak Lawn Community High School

“ARREYA provides us the platform to communicate and showcase the amazing things our students do along with the happenings in our school.” 

Lucas Ptacek

Assistant Principal, Franklin Middle School

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Terms and Conditions


• An actual fully functional Arreya account with every option active.
• The ability to set up, design and manage your digital signage like any subscribing customer.
• The ability to broadcast and view your signs on screens and devices.
• No software to download. No hardware to purchase.
• No call needed. No credit card needed.