ListEez Widget Makes Displaying Spreadsheet Information Simple

Arreya Digital Signage Lets You Integrate Excel Spreadsheets

Donor contributions, sales goals and students’ athletic standings are all great things to recognize on your digital signage, and ListEez makes it quick and simple. You can pull information directly from Excel, and style it with your background colors and text fonts of choice. Think about how you might use Arreya Digital Signage Software and the ListEez Widget in in your hospital, museum, school or corporation.



Quick Steps – How to Use Spreadsheet Display

  1. From your Dashboard go to [Content] -> [Presentations]
  2. Click edit next to the presentation you would like to change
  3. Click [Widgets] near the top left and select [List-Eez]
  4. Select the desired table and format
  5. Choose the desired options and click [Ok] to continue
  6. The new widget will appear in the middle of the presentation
  7. The widget can now be moved, resized, or edited just like any other widget
    1. Click and drag the center of the widget to move the widget
    2. Click and drag an edge or corner to resize the widget
    3. Click on the paintbrush to edit font, text color, text size, and much more

Why Arreya?

Arreya offers a versatile digital signage software package that allows you to share your digital signage designs to an unlimited number of screens from anywhere in the world. It works great for corporations with multiple locations, and schools with screens in several hallways and gathering areas. And even better – your information can be shared with parents or remote employees by simply sharing a URL.

For additional issues and support email us or call.