Google Maps Feature – Show Business Locations or Surrounding Places of Interest

Arreya Digital Signage Software Makes It Easy for Viewers to Navigate

Have multiple office or clinic locations? Want patrons to be able to find nearby restaurants while they wait? Now it’s easy to show your viewers where your other offices or clinics are or how close your place of business is to other businesses they may want to go to, and you can do it within your Arreya Digital Signage Software display. The Google Maps Widget within Arreya’s standard software makes it easy.



Quick Steps – How to Embed Google Maps Into Digital Signage

  1. From your Dashboard go to [Content] -> [Presentations]
  2. Click [Widgets] near the top left and select [Google Map] from the drop-down
  3. Enter in a zip code, address, city or click the button to find your current location
  4. Drag the zoom bar to the view of your liking
  5. Select the type of map you would like and press [Ok]
  6. The new widget will appear in the middle of the presentation
  7. The widget can now be moved, resized, or edited just like any other widget
    1. Click and drag the center of the widget to move the widget
    2. Click and drag an edge or corner to resize the widget

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