Gallery View Makes Interactive Digital Signs Seamless

Set Up Photo Galleries with Arreya Digital Signage Software

Don’t have enough features in the slideshow widget for the interactive display you have in mind? The Gallery View widget is a great upgrade if you want your viewers to be able to look at photo galleries for different projects or events that are organized into groupings. Headlines and captions can be added for historical events and other albums that you would like to share information about.

Your viewers can choose what they albums they want to interact with and what they want to learn more about. Gallery View offers great functionality for schools recognition kiosks and museums.

Why Use Arreya and Gallery View?

Gallery View and Arreya are a great pairing for many applications, including communications with employees, students, patients and museum visitors. Arreya provides a base digital signage software package that allows you to share your digital sign designs to an unlimited number of screens remotely to any designated screen in the world. It works great for corporations with multiple locations, and schools with screens in several hallways and gathering areas. And even better – your information can be shared to and device anywhere because it lives on a URL.
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