Chrome Digital Signage

A Modern Way to Create and Control Your Screen

Chrome Devices - Best Digital Signage Experience

Advanced yet Reliable

Chrome is the operating system that supports and runs devices based on the same easy-to-use design that has made Google a leading internet browser.

Powerful yet Affordable

Chrome devices are actual computers manufactured by leading brands including; AOpen, HP, Dell, ASUS and Acer providing all the speed, simplicity, and power you will need for your digital signage.

Complete Management

Sign into your cloud-based management console from anywhere. Keep tabs on every screen with automatic alerts. Change content at will and say goodbye to downtime and outdated displays.


A Simple Signage Solution Using Chrome

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Arreya Subscription

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Chromebit with Management

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A Chromebit plugs into  each screen to display your presentation.

Screen with Mount

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Purchase what you need or use your existing screens.

Chrome Devices

Power Your Display With Confidence

Must be used with Chrome Device Management for digital signage.


A plug and go device that is small and easy to install and can handle most signage needs.

Asus Chromebox

A standard unit for indoor applications that can handle all signage demands.

Acer Chromebase

An all in one unit for a wall or kiosk – touch available. It is a simple unit that can handle most signage needs.

AOPEN Chromebox

If you are worried about durability this is a robust option that will hold up to demanding environments inside and outdoors.

Chrome Device Management

Manage 10’s, 100’s, even 1000’s of screens
with ease from a single location

Pre-configure and Auto-launch Signage

Centrally pre-install signage required for each location. Configure signage to automatically launch when the device boots up.

Monitor Health of Multiple Devices in One Dashboard

Monitor device health, receive alerts and notifications and advanced reports. Remotely reboot devices that need attention.

Configure Networks on 1000's of Devices

Configure anything from guest networks to WPA2 Enterprise networks to 1000s of devices. Configure proxies and other features to keep them safe.

Add Chrome Kiosk Management License to your devices

This license is mandatory to use devices in kiosk mode, which secures your device to show only your display and eliminates the risk of people pulling up unwanted sites in the web browser.

Choose from plans that cover one year or the life of the device.

Integrating Widgets with Google Apps You Already Know and Use

Google Calendar Widget

Display a live and interactive feed of your Google Calendar. Turn your calendar events into a slideshow on your screens with applied styles.

Google Maps Widget

Create a Google map and place it into your presentation. Add pins, get directions, use your own custom overlays.

Google Charts Widget

Take advantage of Google’s Chart tools to create live dynamic charts on your screen. Connect your sheets in realtime and the chart automatically changes.

Google Slides Widget

Have Google Slides run in your signage. Anyone with access to Google Slides can instantly make changes to the screens without having to access the Arreya signage software.

Advantages when choosing a Chrome digital signage system?


There’s certainly a lot of variety – from Chomebox to Chromebit to Chromebase. However, for not a lot of money you can buy a high performance device that can even integrate touch.


Chrome devices are built to keep working with simple, redundant architecture and no moving parts. Devices are current and automatically updated with today’s latest programming.


Chrome Device Management makes it easy to remotely monitor the health of your devices, lock them down in kiosk mode, reboot, power on and off – even remotely capture screenshots to view what is being displayed.

Digital signage only runs as good as the software that creates and powers it.

What is Arreya?

Arreya is a powerful cloud-based digital signage service providing today’s latest technologies required to create, schedule and publish dynamic content to your Chrome devices.

We are proud to be a Google for Work Technology Partner and to work with Google to develop and promote Chrome based digital signage applications.

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• An actual fully functional Arreya account with every option active.
• The ability to set up, design and manage your digital signage like any subscribing customer.
• The ability to broadcast and view your signs on screens and devices.
• No software to download. No hardware to purchase.
• No call needed. No credit card needed.