We help Linn Star Transfer with employee communications and training. A secure link allows employees to log in to watch safety videos and view policy updates.

Digital Signage for Corporate and Employee Communications

  • Share the same information across one location, or 100 with signs in hallways, cafeterias, production floors and call centers.
  • Share your digital signage link with employees who work remotely or travel, and keep them engaged.
  • Broadcast training videos and CEO speeches to save on the downtime that bringing all of your employees together causes.
  • Recognize employees for birthdays, high sales, customer service wins and more.
  • Put your company’s mission in front of your employees so they know why they are there.

Top Features Corporations Use in Digital Signage


Have content on your website that you want to use in your digital signage display? Don’t recreate it! Just use the website widget and display it next to your Google Calendar and Slideshow.


Show training videos, stream meetings and show product demos so employees are familiar with all aspcts of your business. Stream live footage of world events occuring that employees should see.

Google Calendar

Keep your calendar of events in plain sight with a master Google Calendar that is shared with the whole department or company. Don’t let them forget meetings or special events.

RSS Feeds

Keep up-to-the-second messaging available with RSS feeds for Facebook or Twitter. Share your marketing content with your staff as they walk to conference rooms or take their lunch.

Why This Chrome Digital Signage Solution Is An Amazing Choice

Advanced yet Reliable

Chrome is the operating system that supports and runs devices based on the same easy-to-use design that has made Google a leading internet browser.

Powerful yet Affordable

Chrome devices are actual computers manufactured by leading brands including; AOpen, HP, Dell, ASUS and Acer providing all the speed, simplicity, and power you will need for your school's digital signage.

Complete Management

Sign into your cloud-based management console from anywhere. Keep tabs on every screen with automatic alerts. Change content at will and say goodbye to downtime and outdated displays.

Create Your Channel Today

Terms and Conditions


• An actual fully functional Arreya account with every option active.
• The ability to set up, design and manage your digital signage like any subscribing customer.
• The ability to broadcast and view your signs on screens and devices.
• No software to download. No hardware to purchase.
• No call needed. No credit card needed.



A Simple Signage Solution Using Chrome

And this is ALL YOU NEED to Get Started

Arreya Subscription

Subscribe and create your content channel!

Chromebit with Management

A Chromebit plugs into  each screen to display your presentation.

Screen with Mount

Purchase what you need or use your existing screens.

How to Use Arreya in Corporation

– Use Chrome Device Management to lock your digital signage in Kiosk Mode and manage devices remotely.
– Mount hardware from tablet size to large screen in hallways, patient rooms and use a surround to brand it.
– Marketing departments can easily create displays, or Arreya can provide the artwork for your signage.
– Arreya can even be used in elevators, as cached content is used when there is no Wifi signal.

Increased Awareness

No matter where your employees are located, they can be in the know with a shareable link to your corporate signage display. Perfect for remote employees.

Promote Involvement

Set up displays in each department so employees know when special events are, what the cafeteria is serving and what your wellness program is doing next week.

Acknowledge or Introduce

Acknowledge your employees who are doing a great job. They will become role models for others. Or introduce new employees with a photo and brief description.

Show Your Statistics

Keep employees posted on how well their department is meeting production goals, who the top performers or sales people are and what they can strive to achieve.

“Arreya is our platform of choice. Interface, ease of use, and ubiquitous access from any device in the field was key in our decision to deploy the solution with Arreya.”

Bruce Melick

Vice President of Finance/IT, Linn Star Transfer