We help Franklin Middle School inform students and celebrate achievements  with digital signage

Easily create content with Google Apps you already know and love.

Sync a Google Calendar to display into your page. A calendar can even rotate within a slide show and can be interactive so someone can swipe through days and months. Any update to the Google Calendar will instantly change on your screens.

Google Calendar

Have Google Slides run in your signage. Anyone with access to Google Slides can instantly make changes to the screens without having to acces the Arreya signage software

Google Drive

Link your digital sign to use content from your Google Drive folders. Share your Drive folders with users to give them easy access to make updates without ever having to access the signage software. Users can just add a photo from their phone and your signage gets updated

Google Slides

Engage students, faculty and visitors by creating your own interactive content. Easily add touchpoints and pages for various content including, interesting facts, teacher bios, directional maps or school history.

Quickly send an alert to all your screens. It immediately plays over your current content. Remove the alert and your screens return to playing your scheduled content.

Alert Messages

Twitter Feeds

Daily Lunch Menu

Daily happenings and announcements are quick and simple to add through the cloud-based creative suite. You can even pre-schedule content to play on specific days. 

By setting up a spread sheet with weekly or monthly menus the screens will automatically change each day to list what is for lunch.

Livestream Video


Play a live video on your screens. Now a championship game, live announcement or school show can be on display. Share the link and students and relatives who can't make it to the event can watch.

Interactive Content

Link any Twitter feed to display on your screens. If your school has its own Twitter feed it can easily be incorporated into your signage as a ticker or content block.

Ways you can handle content in Arreya to engage your students.

● For the life of the Chrome device - regularly $150.00 

● Makes it easy to remotely monitor the health of your devices

 ● Lock them down in kiosk mode, reboot, power on and off 

● Remotely capture screenshots to view what is being displayed.

Take advantage of education pricing!

50% OFF


● $69.50 per channel of content, regular price is $139.00.

● All premium widgets are half off.

● Monthly or annual billing options available.

● Free one page custom designed template per subscription

● Program is contigent on a 12 month subscription

Arreya Education


Chrome Device Management


• An actual fully functional Arreya account with every option active.

• The ability to set up, design and manage your digital signage like any subscribing customer.

• The ability to broadcast and view your signs on screens and devices.

• No software to download. No hardware to purchase.

• No call needed. No credit card needed.

Why our Chrome digital signage solution is an amazing choice for schools

Powerful yet Affordable

Chrome devices are actual computers manufactured by leading brands including; AOpen, HP, Dell, ASUS and Acer providing all the speed, simplicity, and power you will need for your school's digital signage.

Chrome is the operating system that supports and runs devices based on the same easy-to-use design that has made Google a leading internet browser. 

Complete Management

Advanced yet Reliable 

Sign into your cloud-based management console from anywhere. Keep tabs on every screen with automatic alerts. Change content at will and say goodbye to downtime and outdated displays.


with Management

$109.00 each

A Chromebit plugs into  each screen to display your presentation.


with Mount

$400 - $800 

Prices vary depending on size and brand or just use your existing screens.

A simple solution for schools using a Chromebit


Starting at 69.00/m

Subscribe and create your content channel 

Arreya + Chrome

• A natural fit into schools 

• Simple integration with IT department

• Easy scheduling and distribution

• Very low cost of entry

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View at home

daily announcements

calendar of events

time and weather

live video from events

menu boards



Wireless Connections

showcase student success

campus communications

wayfinding maps

donor recognition

school spirit





emergency alerts

improve attendance to events

 today's news

share with parents

students can access anywhere

Social Feeds like Twitter

Interactive pages

Promote Events

Daily Messaging

Amazing reach!

Every Arreya subscription
allows you to share your link with others for free.

This means students, parents, faculty and staff can view your digital sign wherever they are - on their phones, tablets or computers.


students, parents and staff