Built into Arreya is software to handle dynamic design and layout creation of interactive digital signs. Arreya's Creative Studio gives full control to any user at any location, to create, re-design and edit through just a browser over the internet. No software to download or licensing necessary.

Design a custom layout in the design program you use then export the elements and build your digital sign in Arreya

Our advanced design tools mimic the most common design programs to provide you with the freedom to create content that is unique without ever writing code or hiring a developer. 

Freeform Design

3 ways to design a digital sign using Arreya

Use a Template

Import Your Own Design

Choose one of our pre-made layout options or have us design a custom digital template. Each template can be edited in anyway

What You See Is What You Get

Drag & Drop

Functions like many of todays design programs with drop down menus, toolbars and object controls. Text, images, shapes, and video are easily positioned, rotated or adjusted on screen.

User Friendly Features

Adding Touchpoints

Create a touchscreen experience without any programming. Provides easy touchpoint options with automatic functions that work on any smart device including phones, tablets and large touchscreens.

What you create, edit and see on screen is exactly how it will appear on your display. Have the confidence that your signage is correct without having to double check everything.

The creative studio programs and converts automatically as you layout your content so you never have to worry about any technical aspects.

No Formatting or Conversion

• An actual fully functional Arreya account with every option active.

• The ability to set up, design and manage your digital signage like any subscribing customer.

• The ability to broadcast and view your signs on screens and devices.

• No software to download. No hardware to purchase.

• No call needed. No credit card needed.


Create your account today – its easy and free.

This important tool automatically converts content into the correct format for you to use in your digital sign. The media manager allows you to import images and videos from almost any source, edit them if needed and then saves them into a built in storage library for you to use.

Automatic Conversion

Use Your Existing Content

Free Storage

Built in Photo Editor

MEDIA MANAGER - included with every subscription

CSS Styles

Control the opacity of any image, video, or text to blend elements together for amazing composition

Its easy to add dynamic style

Apply shadows, borders, rounded corners, background fills, and color to any object.

All objects can be placed over each other to create depth and layering effects. 

Type or insert copy and format the size, color, font, spacing, alignment and opacity