Arreya has always been easy to use for people with graphic design skills, and offered design services through partnerships, but many of our clients just need a simple design that they can build on or change up easily. If you are looking for an intuitive, affordable and easy to use digital signage solution, try Arreya’s FREE 30 Day Trial. If you have a more complex project, we are happy to refer you to one of our partners.

Quick-Change Digital Signage Templates for Your Industry

Arreya templates are complete with pop-up instructions to help you change template colors, insert logos, add custom information to widgets and insert your own photos. You can turn any template into a beautifully branded display for you company or organization.

Retail Templates for Digital Signage

Show – Don’t tell how great your products will work or look with dynamic slide presentation, interactive displays and video. Digital signage is a great way to catch buyers attention when they are already in the store.

School Digital Signage for Better Communication and Engagement

Engage and communicate with students through a media they are familiar with. Cut paper and printing costs and stop putting tape all over the walls, because Arreya templates are free with your subscription and so easy to use.

Hospital Digital Signage Templates for Marketing and Donor Recognition

You have so many uses for digital signage, from marketing and patient communications to donor recognition displays that can be updated in seconds. You can bring the solution that makes digital signage simple with Arreya templates. Use ours, make your own, or hire a designer to create custom templates to get you started.

Restaurant Menu Board Templates that Look Delicious

Replacing posters and changing prices on your menu boards can add up to a lot of time and money. Now you can make instant updates to your signage and price changes can be effective in minutes. Schedule your digital signage to change from breakfast choices to lunch menus, and then to dinner options later in the day with Arreya templates.

Digital Signage Templates for Better Employee Communications

A better way to communicate with employees, both onsite and those who travel or work from home, is click away with the new employee communications templates from Arreya. Digital signage is a great way to put information in front of the entire staff.