Digital Signage for Assisted Living Centers

Digital Signage for Assisted Living Centers

8 Places to Use Hospital Digital Signage

8 Places to Use Hospital Digital Signage

Many Uses to Go DigitalHospital Digital Donor Signage - Arreya Digital Signage Suite

More healthcare facilities are implementing hospital digital signage for marketing, information and communications than ever before. Streamlined communication with visitors, patients and employees saves time, money and frustration for hospital marketing teams and human resources departments.

There are many places to hang hospital signage, and with digital signage you can create attractive, informative displays with less clutter.

1. Hallways and Waiting Rooms – This is the best place to reach a broad crowd with upcoming events that are open to the public, honors earned by hospital staff members and departments, healthy living advice, and even weather forecasts and road conditions.

2. Cafeterias – Post menu boards in several locations in the cafeteria and maybe even just outside its door makes it easy for those browsing the menu to for customers to stand away from the serving line while they are still pondering what they crave.

3. Patient Rooms – Create a channel for patients to access on the television set that is already in patient rooms. It can display daily or weekly meal choices, special entertainment or opportunities for patients and their families, weather forecasts, and information about what patients can do to make their stay more enjoyable.

4. Donor Recognition Walls – Digital donor displays are a great way to create a fluid, easily updated and attractive list of donors, tell donor stories and recognize the work and dedication that has gone into capital campaigns, ongoing donations and specific projects. They can stand alone, or be part of a larger, more artistic donor recognition display.

5. Lobbies, Elevators and Stairways – Digital wayfinding can be interactive or static. It is easily updated when directions change, doctors or departments move, or building additions are built.

6. Breakrooms – Keep employees updated on upcoming event, policy changes, continuing education opportunities and hospital recognitions. Post birthdays and work anniversaries, and even the employee of the month.

7. History Displays and Hospital Museums – Older hospitals have a rich history in providing care for their communities. Share the history in an interactive display, or a slideshow of building projects, doctors who have served and made a difference, and breakthroughs that were made because of your staff through the years.

8. Healthcare Clinics and Pharmacies – Hospitals often have community clinics and acute care facilities for walkin patients and preventative care. Share upcoming health classes, wellness tips and staff information with patients as they wait.

Digital Signage Becoming Mainstream Hospital Communication

Digital signage will soon be mainstream in hospitals of all sizes, but when you are planning implementation consider rolling it out in phases. Learn how it works, what you can do with it and how you can get the most out of it. Then add more display channels or devices as the budget and staff availability to manage more displays allows.

Your hospital may not have use for digital signage in all of these places described, but more and more hospitals are implementing digital signage for 3 to 4 of these uses. Digital signage is not just for huge hospitals anymore. Arreya Digital Signage Suite has made it easy and affordable for even the smallest hospitals to have professional looking displays.

Iowa Methodist Creates Digital Donor Tribute

Iowa Methodist Creates Digital Donor Tribute

Iowa Methodist Uses Arreya to Celebrate the Gift of Life 

Transplant center uses Arreya Digital Signage Suite to tell donor legacy stories for all to see. Telling the story of both living and deceased donors in a easy to update digital display.


The Challenge: Telling the Stories of Donors

UnityPoint – Iowa Methodist Hospital was looking for a way to celebrate the lives of organ, eye and tissue donors.

They had been hanging poster boards with photos and stories, but those just got tattered on the walls and had to be recreated.

Keeping track of all of the information on hardcopies became cumbersome as more and more people saved lives through the donor program at UnityPoint – Iowa Methodist.

They wanted an attractive display that could be easily updated by staff members, and was interactive enough to draw people’s attention.


Creating a Digital Work of Art

Other UnityPoint hospitals that Iowa Methodist is a part of had are using Arreya Digital Signage Suite, and thought it would work well for the project at Iowa Methodist.

According to Cristina Nelson, Marketing and Public Relations for the hospital, there were no other digital signage companies considered, because of the ease-of-use that marketing departments from other hospitals had experienced. Cristina had never done graphics or layout and design, aside from the occasional Microsoft Word project. Within the Arreya Creative Studio, she created a beautiful interactive donor recognition display that tells the stories of those who have left a legacy by saving others.

The Arreya digital signage display is surrounded by a physical donor wall designed and fabricated by a third party.

“We are very happy with the [Arreya] system. It has been easy to update and create attractive displays.”

Cristina Nelson

Marketing and PR, UnityPoint - Iowa Methodist Hospital

Digital Signage:

A Easy Software – Great Service

Cristina said that once she got into the program and worked in it, the platform was very easy to use. Being new at design programs, she did require some extra help getting started, and said “the customer service was beyond great.”

In the beginning, she and some team members had a tutorial session and it was a little overwhelming. After a second one-on-one session screensharing with Arreya tech, Josh Steinke, she was feeling more confident. Cristina feels that she would have been better prepared for the training session if she would have taken advantage of the FREE 30-day trial.

“Josh was my Godsend. Every time I had a question or had a problem, he would walk me through it, or just make a change that fixed it.” She loaded 60-70 donor story pages into Arreya, and then the board decided they should have a back button at the last minute. Josh helped her get it done in time.



Arreya was implemented in the Iowa Methodist Hospital located in downtown Des Moines, IA on a 42-acre campus. The hospital employs nearly 4,000 people and has 370 staffed beds. Among its services is a state-of-the-art kidney donation and transplant program.

UnityPoint – Iowa Methodist Hospital, located in downtown Des Moines, Iowa was looking for a better way to share donor stories from their transplant program.  By implementing Arreya Digital Signage Suite, they are able to remotely deploy and update donor stories directly to their 55” monitor. The hospital’s marketing and public relations professional, Cristina Nelson, used Arreya’s built in editor to create all the content on-time to meet their hard deadline for unveiling the transformation display.



Advice from the User

Use the FREE 30 Day Subscription and do the tutorials before your display has a deadline. Find out what the software can do, and how to do it. “Once you get familiar with it, using Arreya is really easy.” Cristina Nelson, UnityPoint Healthcare marketing department.


If you have questions about Arreya, contact us at 319-294-6671, or sign up for a FREE 30 Day Subscription and try it out.

How Do I Buy Digital Signage When We Don’t Have the Budget?

How Do I Buy Digital Signage When We Don’t Have the Budget?

There is a lot of interest in digital signage among school administrators and non-profit organizations, but they are often faced with smaller budgets than corporations and event centers. Money doesn’t grow on trees for digital signage, but schools and nonprofits do have options where fundraising is concerned.

Digital Signage Has 3 Parts to Purchase.Better ways to communicate with students - Arreya Digital Signage Software

  1. Hardware will be a one-time fee, that will cost more upfront to purchase new Chrome hardware. With Arreya, organizations can choose to use existing screens from older signage, along with Chromebits, which will be less than $100 per display. There is no proprietary hardware to buy.
  2. Software will be the second expense. Arreya allows you to use a single software subscription to display signage on an unlimited number of screens across as many locations as you have, making it a very affordable option if you have more than 2 displays.
  3. Chrome Device Management – Schools get a deep discount through Google for a perpetual license, which will cover the lifetime of the device.

You will want to price as much hardware as you want to use, but remember – you can start with one or 2 displays and add screens or channels to more locations over time.

6 Ways to Raise Money for Digital Signage

  1. Sell advertisement space that displays on your signage. This is a great way to pay for a 12 month subscription to Arreya. Simply sell 12 ad, each of which will pay for one month. Give the sponsors the option to change their ads every so often. You can choose whether all of the sponsors run every month, or they only run in the month they choose.
  2. Find a single corporate sponsor that can afford to fund the equipment and subscription for the year, and make their logo a constant part of the display. Students, faculty, parents and visitors will always know who contributed for better student engagement.
  3. Partner with local restaurants and entertainment venues for fundraisers and get parents and patrons to go on a designated night when your organization gets a portion of the proceeds.
  4. Ask that people donate their unwanted furniture and items to a huge garage sale, so the proceeds can be put toward your digital signage software or equipment. For a slower fundraiser, you can have them donate to a local consignment shop that will give the school or organization the consignor’s fee.
  5. Use memorial funds that were not assigned to a special project as seed money to start a fundraising campaign or buy the equipment outright if there is enough in the fund.
  6. Apply for grants and matching funds donations. Local casinos and large corporations often have grants available for technology, infrastructure or education.
  7. At the end of the year, leverage the idea of tax deductions for donations to your signage project. The government allows it, so use it to your advantage to better serve your organization’s technology needs.

No matter how you choose to raise money for digital signage, use your newsletters, email contacts and social media followers to help spread the word. For most organizations, digital signage is just a few thousand dollars away, so don’t let money stop you from better engagement with students and patrons.

Chrome Digital Signage Appeals to the Digital Native Employee

Chrome Digital Signage Appeals to the Digital Native Employee

Strategic Employee Communications

Digital natives have grown up with a small screen in their hand and a big-screen on the wall of almost every room in their house. It only makes sense that digital natives in the workplace will look to the digital signage for employee communications too.

There are many digital ways to get the word out to team members, but if the message is in multiple locations where employees work, take breaks, and walk to and from conference rooms, they are sure to get the message.

With Arreya Digital Signage Suite, you can put the information on office digital signage and at their fingertips with a shareable link. Whether you want to share information with people at your office locations, or those working at home or doing contracting work for your company, it’s easier than ever to keep everyone informed without filling their inbox with unread emails.

Improve Employee Communication Strategies

Create a Customer-Centric Team – Put up testimonials about team members or services that and make your employees proud to work for a company that cares about the work they do. Give employees something to strive for when they are helping customers too.

Acknowledge Good Deeds Internally – A great work environment is about everybody working together. Let managers and employees submit “happy notes” when a team member helps them out or goes above and beyond to resolve an issue.

Post Reminders About Special Events – Don’t let bad communication be the reason your employees miss important meetings, employee appreciation events or training opportunities. Add the information to digital signage that they can check in the office or at home.

Show Production Stats and Sales Goals – Give the whole team something to strive for and let them know when they hit production or sales goals. Call out the employees that had the highest numbers if it applies.

Screen Placement Matters in Employee Communications

Break rooms and company cafeterias are prime real estate for digital signage if you want your employees to take the time to read and discuss. In those places, you have a captive audience, and they will likely be looking at your signage, or down at their phones while they are there. The microwave will take 2 minutes to pop popcorn. That is plenty of time for your employees to read the most important information.

In the cafeteria, your employees will sit in their groups and discuss upcoming training opportunities, job openings that would be a great promotion, or what impacted a good or bad production day.

Each department may have its own information and statistics, so you may want different displays in production than you have in IT or administration areas of your building. All of the displays can reiterate the company wide messaging.

Hallways are a great place to put digital signage for employees to check back on. If your building is large and you frequently hire new people to your team, wayfinding signage is a great resource to add on touchscreens as well.

Digital signage will step up your employee communications, and get the right information to the right people. If you need help with digital signage hardware, and an easy-to-use software platform, contact Arreya today at 319-294-6671.

Summer Digital Signage Ideas for Your School’s Display

Summer Digital Signage Ideas for Your School’s Display

Share Information With Students All Year

Summer vacation has begun for students all across America, and administrators might be wondering how to get their money’s worth out of digital signage. If you use Arreya, your students don’t have to be in the hallways to see your display. You can share your unique Arreya URL with your students, faculty and parents for them to check for daily changes and updates.

10 Things For Schools To Post on Digital Signage During Vacation

  1. Sports Schedules – Just because school is over doesn’t mean the kids are uninvolved in school activities. Get support for your teams by providing a schedule and attract a crowd.
  2. Graduation Pictures – Whether they are graduating from preschool, middle school or junior high, it is a milestone and students and parents love to see and share the news.
  3. Year in Review – Photos and newspaper clippings of plays, concerts, sports, clubs and special events give students great stuff to look back on.
  4. Local Educational Opportunities – Libraries, local tutors, and county parks have great programs that will keep your students eager to learn. Compile information so it’s all in one place for parent and students who are interested.
  5. Summertime Deeds and Trip Photos – Display photos of mission trips, volunteer work, community events that students took part in and more. Your students are just as awesome in the summertime.
  6. Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities – Show your students that their help is needed to make the community a better place. Students who want to serve or just want something to do might welcome the opportunity to help at community events or walk dogs at the humane society.
  7. Summer Job Opportunities – Sometimes it’s hard for students to know where they can be hired based on their age. Give them the tools to earn money at local businesses when they are not in school.
  8. Scholarship Opportunities – Encourage your juniors and seniors to get a head start on scholarship opportunities that are already posted. Also, share some of the websites and resources where students will find scholarship opportunities. If they do it during the summer, there will be more time for homework and extracurriculars during the school year.
  9. Mentorships or Internships – Allow local businesses to be a part of your students’ education by letting them advertise internships and mentor opportunities. Students who are leaning toward a certain industry will appreciate the experience.
  10. Open House Schedules and Paperwork Deadlines – Your patrons will appreciate having all of this information organized into a neat display. You can even use the website widget and show information as it is on the school website. The more places your families have to stay informed, the more likely they will stay engaged with upcoming events.

If you are haven’t implemented digital signage in your school, or want a better signage software solution, contact us at 319-294-6671 or try the free trial.