There is a lot of interest in digital signage among school administrators and non-profit organizations, but they are often faced with smaller budgets than corporations and event centers. Money doesn’t grow on trees for digital signage, but schools and nonprofits do have options where fundraising is concerned.

Digital Signage Has 3 Parts to Purchase.Better ways to communicate with students - Arreya Digital Signage Software

  1. Hardware will be a one-time fee, that will cost more upfront to purchase new Chrome hardware. With Arreya, organizations can choose to use existing screens from older signage, along with Chromebits, which will be less than $100 per display. There is no proprietary hardware to buy.
  2. Software will be the second expense. Arreya allows you to use a single software subscription to display signage on an unlimited number of screens across as many locations as you have, making it a very affordable option if you have more than 2 displays.
  3. Chrome Device Management – Schools get a deep discount through Google for a perpetual license, which will cover the lifetime of the device.

You will want to price as much hardware as you want to use, but remember – you can start with one or 2 displays and add screens or channels to more locations over time.

6 Ways to Raise Money for Digital Signage

  1. Sell advertisement space that displays on your signage. This is a great way to pay for a 12 month subscription to Arreya. Simply sell 12 ad, each of which will pay for one month. Give the sponsors the option to change their ads every so often. You can choose whether all of the sponsors run every month, or they only run in the month they choose.
  2. Find a single corporate sponsor that can afford to fund the equipment and subscription for the year, and make their logo a constant part of the display. Students, faculty, parents and visitors will always know who contributed for better student engagement.
  3. Partner with local restaurants and entertainment venues for fundraisers and get parents and patrons to go on a designated night when your organization gets a portion of the proceeds.
  4. Ask that people donate their unwanted furniture and items to a huge garage sale, so the proceeds can be put toward your digital signage software or equipment. For a slower fundraiser, you can have them donate to a local consignment shop that will give the school or organization the consignor’s fee.
  5. Use memorial funds that were not assigned to a special project as seed money to start a fundraising campaign or buy the equipment outright if there is enough in the fund.
  6. Apply for grants and matching funds donations. Local casinos and large corporations often have grants available for technology, infrastructure or education.
  7. At the end of the year, leverage the idea of tax deductions for donations to your signage project. The government allows it, so use it to your advantage to better serve your organization’s technology needs.

No matter how you choose to raise money for digital signage, use your newsletters, email contacts and social media followers to help spread the word. For most organizations, digital signage is just a few thousand dollars away, so don’t let money stop you from better engagement with students and patrons.