Arreya’s new livestream widget is a great way to use live streaming for remote communications and IPTV channels, and is easy to set up and configure for your specific needs. The widget allows embedding of the .m3u8 stream format, a common container for HLS streams. The majority of hardware based encoders, IPTV systems and a multitude of streaming services support this format. The streaming widget is a great way to remotely communicate with the viewers of your content. Live streaming for remote communications is great for management addresses or department meetings.

arreya digital signage livestreamTo use the streaming widget in your content, open a presentation and click on the streaming widget under the Widgets menu at the top of the editor. In the widget settings dialog, you’ll have options to control how your streaming widget will operate in your content. The important field here is the URL of your live stream. This widget will accept streams in the .m3u8 format, and must begin with https://. Search for HLS or m3u8 in your encoding software’s documentation for help finding the correct URL.


livestream eventsOnce the URL is added, and options are selected for automatically playing, showing the controls toolbar, etc. you can click OK to add it to the presentation. After placing the widget and styling it appropriately, you can press push live to make the changes go live. The streaming widget will only display video while the stream is live, so make sure the stream is currently active if you don’t see any video.

Arreya’s streaming widget also works with streams available only within a private network. This means you don’t have to stream your video to the whole world, and can keep the stream private within your own network. Many streaming services, canned content services, news services and other IPTV providers stream via the format allowing you to embed a wide range of video streams in your content.