Rebooting a Chrome device and taking screen captures and viewing the screen remotely

An important feature for troubleshooting device issues, is the ability to remotely reboot a Chrome device or take a screenshot of the screen.

  1. After logging in to your Admin console, go to Devices > Chrome Devices and click a serial number to get into the individual device settings.
  2. On the left side of the screen you’ll see your options for Reboot, Remote Desktop, and Take a Screenshotscreen capture for digital signage troubleshooting
  3. This screen also has information regarding system information, and troubleshooting features like Remote Desktop, Capture Logs, and Move.
  4. Pressing [Reboot] will send a command to the Chrome device to reboot. You will either get a success message, or an error if the device is offline or it’s unable to communicate with the device.
  5. Pressing [Remote Desktop] will start a dialog for you to remotely view your screen in real time.
  6. Pressing [Take a Screenshot], next to Screen Capture will take a screenshot of what is currently on the screen. This can be used to determine what is showing on the screen currently.

The Screen Capture and Remote Desktop functions will return an error if a user has interacted with the Chrome device, pressed a touch screen, used a keyboard or mouse, etc. This is a security feature to prevent sensitive information from being accessed on a user’s screen.

Please visit Getting started with Chrome Device Management  for more information regarding Chrome Device Management.