Configuring multiple displays in ChromeOS

Connect the displays to your Chrome device.

There are several ways to connect displays –

  1. Built in display (Chromebase only)
  2. External HDMI Display (Chromebox & Chromebase only)
  3. External DisplayPort Display (Select Chromebox models only)
  4. USB->HDMI (DVI, or VGA) Display Adapters (Must be UDL 3.0 compatible, works on most Chrome devices)


Configuring multiple screens from the device –

  1. Log in to Chrome OS
  2. Click the clock in the bottom right hand corner
  3. Click “Settings
  4. Scroll down to “Device“, Click “Displays
  5. Arrange monitors as needed
  6. Choose Extended, Mirrored, or Unified Desktop (must be enabled, see instructions for Unified Desktop)
  7. Apply settings to each monitor by clicking on it to select it (turns blue) and then changing the options – resolution, orientation, etc.
  8. Click “Done”