Managing List-Eez data

List-Eez Data Management

  1. From your Dashboard go to [Content] -> [List-Eez]
  2. Click [+ New List]
  3. Enter the desired list name and description
  4. Pick or drag a valid spreadsheet file
  5. Click [Save] to continue
  6. The list should now appear in the ‘My Lists’ table in your manager’

Click here for instructions on how to implement your list into a presentation

Using List-Eez Feature

Using the List-Eez Feature:

  1. From your Dashboard go to [Content] -> [Presentations]
  2. Click edit next to the presentation you would like to change
  3. Click [Widgets] near the top left and select [List-Eez]
  4. Select the desired table and format
    1. Turn on the Title to see the name you typed in for the file
    2. Turn on the Description to see the description information you added
    3. Turn on Headers to see the headers you put on the columns in the spreadsheet
    4. Turn on Use Date to have the table show only the information in the selected timeframe
  5. Choose the desired options and click [Ok] to continue
  6. The new widget will appear in the middle of the presentation
  7. The List-Eez widget can now be moved, resized, or edited just like any other widget
    1. Click and drag the center of the widget to move the widget
    2. Click and drag an edge or corner to resize the widget
    3. Click on the paintbrush to edit font, text color, text size, and much more

Example Donor List

Google Sheet Donor List Example

Excel (.xlsx) Donor List Example

Google Sheet Menu Example

Excel (.xlsx) Menu Example