Inserting a Google Chart using the Google Chart Widget

  1. Make sure you have your data ready in Google Sheets
  2. In your Google Sheet, click on the Share icon
  3. Expand the [Get Link] section. Change the access permissions to ‘Anyone with the link’. This will enable Arreya to read the sheet and create a chart out of it.
  4. Once you have it set to Anyone, click the [Copy Link] button.
  5. Go to your Arreya Presentation
  6. While in your Presentation, click on the Widget dropdown and select [Google Chart]
  7. Paste in the Link to your Google Sheet and then click “Next”
  8. Once it recognizes your link, it will open in the editor
  9. Change your Google Chart so it is displayed how you are wanting it to be shown and then click “OK” to insert it into your Presentation

Inserting Google Sheets Data with the Google Sheets Data widget

Google has made changes to their API that has caused the Google Sheets Data Widget to function differently. An update has been released, and the widget is now better than ever.


In your Sheet, go to File > Share>Share with others













Change the access permissions to Anyone with the link. Then click the [Copy link] button here, or copy the URL from your address bar. Click [Done] to close out of the sharing settings.










Now paste the URL into the Sheet ID or URL field of the Arreya Google Sheets Data widget.















Input which cell you’d like to pull data from, and press [OK]. A widget will now be inserted with your Google Sheets data.