Creating a presentation using Arreya templates

  1. Log in to Arreya Dashboard
  2. Click [Content] then [Presentations]
  3. Click the green [New Presentation] button
  4. Select [Template]
  5. Select a template category from the options on the left OR click [My Templates] to select one you’ve already saved.
  6. Select your desired template by clicking on it
  7. Insert a name for the presentation in the [Name] dialog box
  8. Click [Finish] to create the presentation
  9. The presentation will load in the presentation editor
  10. Once the presentation loads, you’ll be walked through a tutorial about the different widgets
  11. You can now edit the text, images, and widgets to fit your needs, or you can create new ones
  12. When you have finished editing, click the green [Push Live] button in the upper right hand corner